Prepare To Vote In Numbers, President Hichilema Tells Southern Province


President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) has told the people of Southern
province to ensure they vote in numbers to maintain the UPND
leadership in 2026.

Hichilema who got over 90 percent of the vote in the region thanked
the people saying the results of their vote were already manifesting
through Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects and the rule of
law. He said there was now peace in the country because of the type of
the leadership in office.

Addressing a new year rally celebration in Masuku ward, Choma
District, President Hichilema called all the Chiefs in the region to
ensure their people obtain the National Registration Cards (NRC) and
Voters Cards.

He said the preparations for 2026 elections start this year. He told
the rally that mobilisation must start ahead of the fourth coming
general election in 2026.
President Hichilema said two weeks before voting day people must be
camped reminded of the danger of voting his government out and that
they all participate in voting.

He called for mass voting to maintain his presidency. He told the
people that they should remember how they suffered discrimination,
beatings under the PF regime.

President Hichilema said they should never allow to go back to the
dark days of the PF regime of violence and lawlessness.
“You must be annoyed as you go to vote, there is no Alebwelelapo.
I’m already here,” President Hichilema said.

President Hichilema said people in Lusaka in public places were being
beaten just for speaking Tonga, his language under the PF. He said the
people’s vote had liberated them from such ills.

President Hichilema said the Police who were used to brutalize people
were now under his guide and are Friends to the people.

“There is no more teargas, these Police Officers are now your
Friends before you could not be close with them,” he said pointing
at the Police at the rally.

President Hichilema said his government has created a peaceful
environment for people to live freely and do their work.
President Hichilema who is a leading cattle Rancher in Zambia also
promised to introduce cattle loans. He also promised that the Masuku
Choma Road will be worked on.

Credit: Zambian Eye News


  1. This conman Hakainde is a pathetic liar and a big tribalist.

    Where in Zambia has anyone ever been beaten up for speaking Tonga, or any other Zambian language? Tonga people live freely in Lusaka, Kitwe, Mansa, Kasama and Chipata, and they have lived there for many years very peacefully.

    KK was right about this bitter tribalist conman Hakainde.

    Always blaming PF or tribalism for his blatant incompetence. This is not what we voted for in 2021. Pure rubbish!!

  2. I don’t agree with this statement that people were beaten for merely speaking tonga. HH has to be careful with a such statements because they border on tribal insightment.
    I agree tho that PF openly promoted tribalism, violence and corruption. And PF is 100 percent to blame for the current economic misery. This should not be forgotten and no one should be coward to stop talking about the PF misdeeds and how Zambians are still paying for PF misdeeds.

  3. The Tribalist is at it again. This is the Chief Tribalist we have in Zambia.
    He rode on Tribalism to become UPND President. Stirred Tribal Zealotry in Southern Province and resurrected the Pre – Independence Tribal fractures, and used it to get Political Power. Today his Tribal Zealots are daily insulting others just for expressing a different view on national affairs. How is he going to manage these zealots when he loses elections in 2026?

    And He is at it again.. always talking tribe. This man is a danger to Zambia’s unitary state.
    Who was beating Tongas for being Tonga in Zambia??
    If someone also goes to Eastern Province , Northern, Muchinga and Luapula and tells the people to vote enmasse he cries tribalism, and sends people to jail for hate speech. Even Chimbuya to him is hate speech!
    But who is the chief Tribalist in Zambia?
    When he loses in 2026 it’s not because he is Tonga..It’s because he has proven to be incompetent and the worst president Zambia has ever had…and there he is camouflaging his incompetence by stalking Tribal hatred, not realizing that he is playing with fire.

  4. UPND should be careful not to focus solely on PF. The reai Challenger might emerge out of the blues like a bolt of lightening.

    Focus on delivering on your campaign promises and let PF bury itself.

  5. Mr president, Yes we have CDF, free education etc, but when it comes to policy decisions that have been made for future growth, mostly only the literate can understand, but for the others, the barometer is affordability of the basics which determine a working government. If 2023 economic hardships will be replicated in 2024, the all l can say is that you will have a mountain to climb in order to convince the people. So work hard to make the other group of people understand the projection and complain less about the past and concentrate on the future with tangible results that reflect the expectation of the masses


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