Sunday, the 18th of June, 2022 marked 12 years since Late President Chiluba went to be with the Lord.

Zambians from all walks of life gathered at the Presidential Embassy Park to honor 2nd Republican President Dr. Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba for declaring Zambia a Christian Nation.

President Chiluba declared Zambia as a Christian Nation on 29th December 1991 at the State House grounds.

In attendance where several members of the clergy who included Bishop Billy Mfula, Apostle Kunda, Bishop David Masupa, Reverend Nyirenda who officiated the event.

The event was jointly organised by the FJT Memorial Committee chaired by Mzee Chapa Chikamba, President Chiluba Special Assistant Mr. Richard Sakala(Press and Public Relations), Donald Chanda (Economic)and the Chiluba family. Bishop Billy Mfula as lead of the Advocates of Zambia as a Christian Nation was also part of Preparatory Committee.

The Government was represented by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Tourism Evans Muhanga.

Former Republican President Mr. Edgar Lungu and Former First Lady Esther Lungu, were also in attendance. Former Republican Vice Presidents Mr. Enock Kavindale and Dr. Nevers Mumba together with Former Government Officials who served with Late President Chiluba and Members of the Lunda Royal Establishment of Mwata Kazembe were also attended.

The theme for this year’s memorial was honoring President Chiluba, the Man who declared Zambia a Christian Nation.

In a homily presented at the Embassy Presidential Park, Bishop Billy Mfula emphasized the need to honor Late President Chiluba for declaring Zambia a Christian Nation. He said that only when We do, that is when Country will get its inheritance.

After the homily, the clergy went and blessed two crosses which will be placed at President Chiluba musoleum.

In an address by Former Republican Vice President Mr. Enock Kavindale, he called upon the Government to honor President Chiluba by returning his assets to his family. He took a swipe at how Members of the now dismantled Task Force on Corruption made money through allowances. He then said that one day, he will write a book to expose them.

In his remarks, the FTJ Chiluba Preparatory Committee Chairperson Mr. Mzee CY Chikamba thanked the Government and all who attended for finding time to attend the memorial anniversary.

He then said that Dr. Chiluba’s Presidency resulted in ending shortages of essential commodities, Economic liberalisation, Housing empowerment, Public transport, Improved water and Sanitation, New thinking, Self confidence and attitudes towards development.

Mr. Chikamba then thanked Republican President Mr Hakainde Hichilema for being the first Republican President to promise to look into the affairs of Dr. Chiluba. He said that the family has suffered total neglect since 2002 and the Committee looked forward towards a fair resolution of assets and affairs of Dr. Chiluba.


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