By CIC Reporter | 21 Nov 2020 | Lusaka
Firebrand UPND Kamwala Ward 5 aspiring councillor Mainda Simataa has vowed that the UPND will not accept anything less than a total landslide win in the coming 2021 general elections, and winning big in not less than 6 out of the 10 provinces of Zambia which must include Lusaka and Copperbelt.

“The principle of democracy runs on the premise of rule by the majority, or at least the consent thereof via the secret ballot. But if the majority is denied to register, or registers but finds their names missing or posted to a different polling station on voting day, then the election loses its credibility, it becomes a sham, and the government loses the mandate and moral right to govern as is the case today in Zambia with the failed PF government. Nobody wants PF and no normal person can vote for Lungu – they’re all finished and destined for the dustbin of political history” said Simataa.

CIC press team interviewed Simataa who had gone to visit his party colleague and friend Matomola Likwanya currently arrested at Chelstone police station for a lone demonstration against injustices including ECZ. Simataa maintains that the on-going voter registration excercise is a sham characterized by glaring criminal incompetence and manipulative practices calculated to frustrate and deprive millions of Zambians from registering as voters.

“The PF and its election wing at ECZ are hoping people will give up in lining up for their voters cards, they are praying and fasting for the UPND to be frustrated and boycott the 2021 elections like UNIP did in 1996, but we won’t repeat that mistake. We’re going to the ballot in 2021 even with 4 or 5 million voters, and the only result we’re prepared to accept or die for, is a total landslide victory for HH” said Simataa, who is also UPND Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary.



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