Chief Chitembo of Ng’umbo people in Chifunabuli District of Luapula Province has advised Republican President Hakainde Hichilema to ignore people who want to distract him as he develops the country.

Chief Chitembo has observed that certain criticisms towards the Republican President are not genuine as they are just aimed at making him lose focus of the developmental agenda he has for the country.

Speaking when Luapula Province Minister, Njawva Simutowe, called on him at his palace, the Chief indicated that some people will never appreciate what the President is doing such as increasing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

He pointed out that as a country, there is a need for all to draw a line between development and politics so that ordinary people are not affected in the process.

“It is not always that we should be doing politics as a country, sometimes we need to work together so that we can develop the country, Constituency Development Fund is one such vehicle which can enable us to achieve this,” he said.

The Chief explained that traditional leaders are determined to ensure that their Chiefdoms are developed hence they will always work with the government of the day.

Chief Chitembo further indicated that as traditional leaders, their focus is to push for programmes which will help to improve the livelihood of the people and not to do politics in their chiefdoms.

“The people themselves have a right to belong to any political party of their choice but for us chiefs it is to make sure that we don’t get involved into politics but rather push for development in our respective chiefdoms. Our people need development and we have been part of the government agenda so that our people can benefit,” he said.

And Luapula Province Minister, Njawva Simutowe, called on traditional leaders to help government monitor projects under CDF.

Mr Simutowe explained that the government understands the important role that traditional leaders play in ensuring that development is taken to their chiefdoms.

He disclosed that in the new CDF guidelines, a Chief will have representation in the CDF committee, so that they are aware of the projects which will be taking place in their areas.

“Government is committed to ensuring that the welfare of the people is improved. Through the Constituency Development Fund, government wants to ensure that development reaches all parts of the country, this is why in the new CDF guidelines, representatives of chiefs will be in CDF committees,” he said

The Minister reiterated that the government will continue to work with traditional leaders in ensuring that development is taken to all parts of the country.



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