… As he speaks at the Democracy Delivers Summit in New York

New York – September 21, 2022

Republican President Hakainde Hicilema has informed delegates and world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York that Zambia has made enormous strides as a Democratic Country from a heavy-handed regime since the time UPND Government assumed office just about a year ago. Speaking at the Democracy Delivers Summit in New York where he shared Zambia’s successes in one year with other Heads of State, the President said that the country had moved fast, faster than many expected in terms of Democracy.

The President stated that his Government was walking the talk in many aspects like Good Governance. On the successes recorded by the New Dawn government, President Hicilema informed the Heads of State that an aggressive and impartial fight against corruption was in place. Mr Hichilema emphasised that the fight against corruption was based on objectivity and facts.

On the rule of law and general order, the Head of State put it clear that the two were very important aspects though they had broken down in the past years. He disclosed that in the past, innocent citizens got beaten but that the situation has changed as the rule of law has been restored.

In terms of the operations of the media under the UPND Government, President Hicilema acknowledged that the media was at the core of equitable Development and flourishing Democracy.
”We are enabling media freedom and other civil liberties,” he emphasized.

The President further said that the government was amending laws that constraine democratic space such as the infamous Public Order Act (POA). He revealed that the act had negatively hit his own political party’s campaign activities while in opposition.

The President reiterated that the process of amending this law was in progress. Other laws that the President said were to undergo amendments are the death penalty and defamation of the President. He said that it was very paramount to strengthen Governance and all oversight institutions that would serve the interests of all Zambians and not an individual.

In order for government to tap into private sector finance and ingenuity, the Head of State said that his administration was creating a platform for Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) as the two were one in attaining meaningful Development. He was quick to point out that Government alone could not do everything hence the need to partner with the private sector as a way of providing better services through enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

He also said that the Government is on course in rebuilding Zambia’s economy that was ravaged by mismanagement and extravagances in the application of public affairs as well as corruption. ”Already in the past 12 months, we have been able to bring in macro stability like inflation from 25.6% to 9.7% amidst the pandemic , the war in Ukraine which pushed up fuel, food and fertilizer prices but we have been able to achieve that much”, he said.

The President further informed the Heads of State that the government had managed to reverse the economic decline from minus 2.8% to 3% in just 12 months indicating a growth of 4%.

The Head of State assured all Zambians that the Government would continue creating opportunities such as employment as the country had a lot of opportunities being land-linked contrary to the traditional view that Zambia is a land-locked country.



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