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My Fellow Citizens,

In May 2023, our administration proudly launched the National Decentralisation Policy and the Zambia Devolution Support programme. This programme provides for smooth transfer of functions from Central Government to Local Authorities countrywide. These initiatives mark a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, signaling our commitment to equitable development across all regions. The increased budgetary allocation towards the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is a testament to this undertaking. Our government envisions a Zambia where opportunities are not concentrated solely in urban centers but are distributed across the entire landscape.

Our beautiful country, with its vast landscapes and abundant resources, has long been home to both rural and urban communities. However, over the years, there has been a growing trend of migration from the rural areas to our bustling cities.

Migration is a natural aspect of human life. It occurs for various reasons, whether economic, social, or educational. Yet, as your President, I am compelled to draw attention to the implications of unchecked and unplanned rural to urban migration. Our fellow citizens in rural areas must not be hasty in their decisions to relocate to the cities without a well-defined purpose, as that could lead to destitution.

We understand the aspirations of our people and we encourage citizens to pursue their dreams where opportunities lead them. However, we wish to assure you that your government is actively creating an enabling environment in rural areas. We urge you, our citizens, to consider the vast potential that lies within the very soil you tread upon. Investing in agriculture is a cornerstone of our rural development strategy. Land in rural areas offers immense potential for various husbandry activities – providing a livelihood that is both sustainable and empowering. We encourage you to explore opportunities in cultivation and breeding of crops and animals. Embrace land as a source of prosperity for yourselves and future generations.

Affordable housing is another critical aspect we are addressing, and this is not limited to the urban settlements. Our commitment to rural development includes initiatives to make decent housing more accessible in these areas. By building homes in rural communities, we are not just providing shelter, but also contributing to the creation of vibrant, self-sustaining villages.

In tandem with our rural development efforts, the Rural Electrification Authority has been further empowered this year to connect more communities to the national power supply grid. This initiative will not only enhance the quality of life in rural areas but also unlock new possibilities for economic activities.

As citizens, you play a pivotal role in the success of these initiatives. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the benefits of our rural development programs are fully realized. Before considering relocation to urban centers, we implore you, beloved citizens, to explore and harness the opportunities available in our rural communities.

May God bless you all, and may God bless our beautiful country

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia


  1. This is very good and welcome advice by the President. However, the President must be alive to the fact that there are some greedy chiefs who displace their subjects after selling huge parcels of land to the so called investors who are mostly foreigners. How then can rural people build good houses in their villages in the absence of security of tenure? Greedy chiefs who think that they are the law unto themselves should be brought under control. This will contribute to the arresting of the rural-urban migration.


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