President Hakainde’s Failure To Fire Stanley Kakubo Confirms He Is A Very Weak Leader- Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba


President Hakainde’s Failure To Fire Stanley Kakubo Confirms He Is A Very Weak Leader

LUSAKA – Dec 26 – This evening’s statement announcing that President Hichilema has accepted the resignation of former foreign affairs Minister, Stanley Kakubo, is a sad reality confirming that the President is a very weak leader who is failing to accept that there is grand corruption in his Government.

As Citizens First, we hold the view that asking Kakubo to resign instead of firing him in the face of glaring corruption allegations, is a ploy by the Head of State to shield the disgraced former minister from investigations by the law enforcement agencies.

This development has not come as a surprise to us because instead of the law enforcement agencies summoning Kakubo, we have credible information suggesting that it was in fact President Hichilema who summoned his right-hand man to a meeting at his private residence.

Zambians know that when there are serious allegations levelled against any minister or any presidential appointee, it’s the law enforcement agencies that investigates and gather the facts that are later submitted to the Head of State for appropriate action. We were therefore shocked that instead of letting the law enforcement agencies do their job, Mr. Hichilema was quick to cut the process and invite Kakubo for a private discussion. This is besides the fact that Mr Hichilema knew the facts much earlier and at the time when his ministers corrupt practices were brought out he opted to explain it away as a calendar pick up mission wether that was the code name of the operation is something that only he and the former minister can explain.

Clearly, the President is both the jury and the judge in this matter as his defiant actions seem to suggest that he doesn’t need independent security wings to carry out their constitutional mandate.

We would like to commend the Chinese whistle blower for bringing the Kakubo rot into the public domain and we wish to urge the Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission and the Zambia Revenue Authority not to be swayed by this image laundering exercise but they should take up this matter seriously and investigate it, it should not just end at the ill calculated resignation.

If the investigative agencies are not allowed to probe this matter further, the action will justify why the President failed to fire Kakubo and as citizens of Zambia, we will be left with no choice but to believe that Mr. Hakainde is scared of getting implicated.

It is this weak posture by Mr. Hichilema that further explains why the economy is in such a mess because he lacks the courage to make tough decisions that he feels will disadvantage his friends and sponsors.

The CF is presenting itself as a credible alternative in the strength of integrity, serious fight against corruption and ensuring that Zambians are given an opportunity to participate in the running of their economy as active participants and beneficiaries.

Issued By:
Harry Kalaba
Citizens First


  1. Kalaba is USELESS….. HH has shown us how it is done!!!!! HH was the one who appointed AND HE DAD TO ASK KAKUBO before even the ACC or DEC….

    Cabinet Minister and ANY OTHER PERSONS are different. A Minister is under the watch of the president!!!!

    Ka Kalaba go and hang yourself…..!!!

  2. Ba Kalaba what a shame! You’re still at sea!! Kakubo after the news broke out on social media was called by the appointing officer to explain. After the explanation he was given an opportunity to resign from cabinet or be fired. He has resigned and other interested organisations will for follow-up and investigate and follow the evidence accordingly. Mind you this seems like a business transaction where parties have a dispute. One party has taken advantage of going to the media to extract maximum benefits. The other party in the meantime has yet to explain his position which is understandable. He will have the opportunity to talk in court should the matter go to court. The only issue with Kakubo is he might not have declared the mine and the transaction was done outside the banking system and used some questionable stationery for such a huge transaction. And going by the so called contract it appears like there were no witnesses. Kalaba, you try to portray yourself like someone very knowledgeable and educated. However, to me you come out as very illiterate and an empty tin.

    • Suspected Money laundering. Transaction not passing through the banking system. Taxes due to ZRA not paid. Taking pecuniary advantage . Fraud. Obtaining money by false pretenses. This man is gone…ACC and DEC shouldn’t even waste time. Arrest and charge the man.

  3. Forgive Kalaba!
    He does not understand Management Science!

    Many organizations have lost money because of wrongful dismissals.
    It’s a good case study in Management Science!

    You need to hear your employees and get their account of the scandal before taking any action! Natural Justice demands that the accused be heard before you take any action!
    A good manager does not act on impulse or emotions the way Kalaba wants.

    A case in point is ECL’s firing of Chishimba Kambwili for alleged corruption. ECL acted on impulse. To date, no video evidence or court conviction for corruption. If CK was to sue for malicious slander, a good court would award him damages!

    If Kalaba has enough managerial experience, he should know by now that we have very few trusted citizens who can resist cash inducements!
    Unfortunately, we have no choice when we employ. Our vetting systems still allow thieves into our organizations! Even the Americans who have a robust vetting system recently had to fire a number of Zambians for corruption!
    Tili na mbili yoipa when it comes to corruption!

    No one is perfect but we must strive to protect our collective reputation as a people or no one will ever take us seriously! Corruption is a serious indictment on our Christian Nation! We are better off calling ourselves a Corruption Nation than Christian Nation!

    So ba Kalaba, you don’t understand Management Science, hence commenting out of ignorance! Your personal Hatred for the President is blinding you! Is it not true that when you hate someone, even the good they do is bad to you?

    Just retire from politics! You had your chance in government!
    Let others also have their turn!
    And let’s have issue-based politics as opposed to this wanya wanya kind of politics of character assassination!
    Modern voters Don’t embrace Negative Energy!

    • Agree with you, most so called leaders we have in country don’t know anything about management science and what management entails. For those who don’t know, management requires certain skills or qualities which are, leadership, grooming, couching, empowering, responsible, persuasive, firm but flexible, dependable, understanding, accommodating to mention just a few. It’s not always that a manager has to be hard on his/her people but sometimes they have to be understanding and vise versa. Mr. Kalaba should know that there are two types of courts, the court of law which requires evidence to convict a suspect and the court of public opinion which works on perception mostly and does not require evidence to convict a suspect. Now sometimes just a bad perception can be harmful to an organization even if it is wrong hence on some occasions organizations decide to part ways with people who may cause a bad perception to it even if there no legal evidence to convict them. I don’t know what transpired with the former minister, he may be guilty or innocent but the perception of the people at the moment is that it was a corruption case and that can dent the image of the government regardless of whether he is guilty or innocent so I support his decision to resign and allow investigative wings to do their job as well.

    • Ministers are appointed and disappointed by the president. A ministerial position does not warrant anyone to sue if they are fired.

  4. You Kalaba, you are weaker than him, why did you fail to manage your former party and finally left it? Ask Judith Kabemba, she will tell you that you are many times weaker than him. Imwe munali kuchaya nama rape.


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