President HH Has Nothing To Do With Detention Of Suspected Law Breakers- State House

Mwamba, Lubinda and Nakacinda

Thursday 16th November 2023


We have once again encountered insinuations that Republican President Hakainde Hichilema is responsible for the arrest of opposition leaders in the country.

Firstly, no opposition leader has been arrested based on their societal positions, and the President has nothing to do with citizens engaging in unlawful activities. Despite the global economic challenges, the President is diligently working to revive the economy and restore the rule of law, notwithstanding a heightened malicious campaign against his efforts. Malice against the President is something his opponents have employed all his political life. But he is unequivocal in ensuring the rule law is respected in this country.

Accusations of arresting opposition leaders are therefore unfounded and ill conceived. No one has been arrested solely for being an opposition leader or hailing from certain regions; however, some citizens have been detained on suspicion of criminal offenses. Being an opposition leader doesn’t grant immunity to lawlessness. This will not be accepted, now or in future.

It’s crucial to clarify that no individual in Zambia will be shielded from the law based on their political affiliation. The law will be applied impartially, fairly, and resolutely. State institutions will act within legal boundaries to prevent the country from descending into lawlessness and complete anarchy.

Political parties are very important for a thriving democracy, but citizens will not allow that they be formed for criminal activities. Everyone on Zambian soil, regardless of political affiliation or regional background, is subject to due process, if suspected of violating the country’s laws.

We trust our Police Service to make arrests based on suspected lawbreaking, adhering to the rule of law. We appeal to all Zambians and stakeholders to condemn criminal activities hiding behind opposition politics.

Despite being a longer-serving and larger opposition party, we adhered to the law. Being in opposition shouldn’t excuse lawlessness. It’s essential to question why today, being in opposition seems to grant a license for lawlessness, defended by those who should uphold the law.

It’s crucial to support the police maintaining law and order, not turning weapons against them. Our plea is for all Zambians and stakeholders to condemn criminality rather than accusing the Presidency of instructing arrests.

The President is focused on national development and doesn’t instruct police on arrests. The police follow legal protocols, knowing when the law is broken and how to handle suspected lawbreakers. Citizens should use civil language, avoiding conflicts with the law. Believing that conflict with the law increases chances of ascending to the Presidency is flawed reasoning and delusional.

Clayson Hamasaka
Chief Communications Specialist
State House


  1. Only idiots see arbitrary arrests of opposition party leaders, normal people see the arrests of criminals.

    I keep asking why Kalaba, Kabimba, Pule, Msoni, Chanda, Kateka and Miyanda have never been arrested. Are these not opposition leaders?

    Can any idiot tell us if there is no criminality attached to all the idiots who have so far been arrested? Kutumpa sana uku bangwele, I am hoping that the day will come soon when courts will mete jail sentences on these lawbreakers and STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Bongo bongo Brian, it’s really worrisome and memory relapse on your side less than four years ago, we were condemning the barbaric application of law and completely abuse of government institutions to go after those who were threats to PF to hold on to power. President HH, Kambwili, Sean Tembo were the victims on the hands of PF.
    We wrote and shared our disappointment, sadness and disbelief how the police , ACC, DEC and the courts were abused by PF. You recall for senior magistrate Simusamba how he treated the opposition with hatred and humiliation. We wrote and shared our thoughts and warnings for Simusamba that one day the people will talk in through their votes and those using will not have power and you will suffer. Today where is Simusamba?
    The police who were used and become so powerful than the law of the land where are they.?

    Please, president HH everything that is happening to your brothers in opposition ends at you. Those using the police to make as if they are instilling fear by punishing the opposition, I can assure you they are wrong at best. Why people common people are saying if people who speaking on behalf who have a voice , space are tortured, marginalised. Brutalised and abused what about us. You are making these individuals angels and popular in the eyes of the people.
    Recall, who people turned against PF because of the brutality against HH and other opposition and this is a reason if provinces that were not voting for UPND decided for a change as they saw themselves in the way HH was brutalised , marginalised, treated as if he was not Zambian,
    HH I may not have a way to communicate to you direct but people like Mark Simuwe your UPND consultant , state house police commissioner are have become a danger to your power that people have invested in you. Absolute Power corrupts . I may be very unpopular due honest observation and hearing from people on the ground.
    Wish you well Mr President.


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