President HH is being lied to alot and his own sefish people are not helping him- Kalani Muchima

Kalani Muchima


Kalani Muchima writes:

Am currently on the Copperbelt and truth be told its a sorry site for UPND members.

In Kalulushi and Kitwe UPND has been dwarfed by the PF like no man’s business.

Imagine in Kitwe at the civic centre, UPND has 15 councilors while PF has 13 and 4 independents but PF has managed to get the 4 to their side.

The Mayor for Kitwe is PF while the Deputy is UPND but trust me its a sorry state of affairs for UPND.

what I have found on the ground is something to be worried about.

In Kalulushi its even worse despite controlling the council, the PF has an upper hand in almost everything.

Some guy came crying to me at the civic centre asking why he risked his life when in the end he was only risking it for a PF member to continue enjoying.

The only place I found a bit of sanity is in mufulira.

One councilor was like “ba kalani, we have tried to seek audience with our Minister of Local Government Minister as UPND councilors but our efforts have been in vein”.

“We just work like this and no one cares to meet us to find out what we are going through here” he said.

While campaigning in Kwacha’s Chatente ward in Kitwe, President Hakainde Hichilema assured that no one in that area was going to be displaced but what I found out was that, PF is deliberately creating land confusions then blame it on the UPND as being the ones grabing plots from people.

It has also been established that while PF councilors have allocated themselves 60 by 40 plots in the said area, UPND councilors have been left out and some lucky ones have only been given something like 20 by 20 plots.

This information is not hearsay coz today I was in chantete and gathered alot of information.

What’s going on in that area is nothing but politics at play and UPND is being played badly. PF is miles ahead.

Some very senior council officers told me that my brother, sometime we try to help our brothers and sisters in UPND but it’s tough coz the set up is that, those in procurement are PF and contracts are shared among themselves, when there are some opportunities within the council, PF get them coz those in human resource are PF hence stating that their hands are tied.

My five days of being in Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira, Kalulushi and other towns has been an eye opener.

My conclusion is that President Hakainde Hichilema is being lied to alot and his own sefish people are not helping him.


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