President Hichilema Allocates K400,000 for Recording Studio Construction to Boost Music Industry


President Hakainde Hichilema has reaffirmed the UPND government’s commitment to supporting musicians by allocating K400,000 towards the construction of recording studios in selected provinces. The move aims to empower artists and contribute to the growth of the country’s music industry.

The President expressed concern that musicians, especially those from distant provinces, face challenges in traveling to Lusaka or the Copperbelt for recording sessions. During a meeting with musicians from across the country at State House, President Hichilema encouraged artists to seize various empowerment opportunities provided by the government, particularly for the youth, to venture into diverse enterprises.

President Hichilema proposed the establishment of an artistic fund where stakeholders can contribute to fostering the growth of the music industry, enhancing its contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Elias Mubanga assured musicians that the ministry would empower artists with funds in the coming year to enhance their skills. He emphasized a non-discriminatory approach to provide opportunities for musicians of all backgrounds.

“In 2024, the government will also provide funds to allow citizens, especially youths such as artists, to venture into agriculture, aiming to promote the agriculture sector,” stated Mr. Mubanga.

President Hichilema acknowledged the challenges faced by artists and musicians, including the need for improved medical schemes. The government is actively working to ensure that art and music contribute to promoting peace and unity among the Zambian people.

During the meeting, discussions covered various issues affecting the music industry, and President Hichilema assured artists of the government’s commitment to addressing their concerns. He encouraged musicians, primarily the youth, to explore entrepreneurial activities beyond their artistic endeavors. The President highlighted examples of artists who have successfully diversified into farming, carpentry, and bricklaying.

President Hichilema expressed gratitude to artists and musicians who played a crucial role in advocating for positive change in the past and stood with the government. The President concluded by thanking the artists and musicians for the constructive conversation at State House, emphasizing the importance of such engagement.


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