President Hichilema and the Rogue Media at State House- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


President Hichilema and the Rogue Media at State House

..Mr. President, Koswe has become such a monster that you have even allowed it to toy with Zambia’s national peace and security…

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Koswe, a known rogue media run by State House media team, has run dangerous and defamatory articles against the Zambia Army Commander, Lieutenant General Dennis Sitali Alibuzwi and Socialist Party President, Dr. Fred Mmembe, literally accusing them of treason and conspiracy.

Later, the Army Commander has been relegated to the position of Vice Chairperson of the Central Joint Operations Committee (CJOC), a highly irregular move.

Minister of Defence,Ambrose Lufuma said the Chairmanship of the CJOC has since been taken by Director General of the Zambia Security and Intelligence Services, Mr. Friday Nyambe.

It is irrefutable that Koswe is run by State House and this has been publicly asserted by many including those close to the team. The question is why does President Hakainde Hichilema allow this?

The rogue media defames, insults, abuses, and destroys lives of his own officials, relentlessly engages in character assassination of members of the Opposition and citizens, and this is done without remedial or recourse to the law.

Koswe instigates dismissals, prevents employment of successful candidates, incites arrests and encourages hate speech against Citizens.

Reporting Koswe to authorities is useless as both Police or ZICTA can never act against a State House entity.

No one has been spared from the character assasinations, lies and defamatory attacks including President Hichilema’s own Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and especially members of the Opposition.

When the online paper attacked and ran defamatory and dangerous allegations against State House Permanent Secretary Oliver Kalabo in December 2021, it had to take his own spouse and long-time senior member of the UPND media team, Jacqueline Saidi Chishimba to go to her Facebook page and call out and name the Koswe editors for them to stop the rot on her husband.

A few weeks ago, the rogue paper ran articles against Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Chembo Mbula and it didn’t take long, he was quickly transferred!

That has been the case of many silent victims.

It is now clear that President Hichilema allows and feeds Koswe, using it and unleashing it as an attack and rabid dog against harpless Citizens.

President Hichilema is now the Republican President and he cannot allow the abuse of the law, and the abuse of citizens. It could have been excusable when he was in Opposition to run guerrilla journalism but he is now President, sworn to defend the Constitution and sworn to defend the rights of all citizens.

Mr. President, Koswe, a monster you have been feeding, is now NOT even afraid to toy with Zambia’s national peace and security. For how do you allow the attacks on your own Army Commander and the subsequent changes you have since made?


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