President Hichilema hold separate meetings with Vernon Johnson Mwaanga and General Kinsley Chinkul


President Hakainde Hichilema writes…

Today at State House, we held separate meetings with Mr. Vernon Johnson Mwaanga and General Kinsley Chinkuli, where we engaged in a cross-pollination of ideas.

His Excellency VJ Mwaanga, the youngest post independence Ambassador, and General Chinkuli, Zambia’s first indigenous Army Commander and the youngest officer to attain such a rank at that time, both served our nation with distinction and honour.

We will continue to interact and collaborate with senior citizens, by tapping into their wealth of experiences and ideas in order to enhance our country’s well-being.

Hakainde Hichiliema,
President of the Republic of Zambia.


  1. Google freshplaza and see ehat other African countries are exporting.
    Eg, senegal is exporting sweet corn to the netherlands, Namibia grapes to sth Africa, Kenya avocadoes, Rwanda blueberries,
    We concentrate on maize, diversify or die
    Everybody is calling for industrialization the main requirement we are lacking,, a reliable , 24/7 electricity supply economically priced snd a population that has sufficient discretionary income purchase mamufactures from witjom Zambia
    We have land, we have labour, we have water but we are under utilizing our agriculture sector.
    Our coffee is much sought after , however our output cannot supply the msrket adequately.
    Vision, market awareness amd the willingness to diversify and choose produce thst is in demand internationally.
    willingness to accept thst our climate and soil can grow 12 monthd of the year
    is also required.
    I recall we planted the wrong type of cashew trees and yhen had to do the project agsin. The poor farmer wont get a return for at least 5 years.
    We are getting a rail line direct to port in angola, we should ne accessing what produce can we produce to satisfy Angolan market and how can we utilize the port fir export. plan now not after the railway is built


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