President Hichilema is the problem, a present danger to Zambia- Ephraim Shakafuswa

Ephraim Shakafuswa
Ephraim Shakafuswa


By Ephraim Shakafuswa

..President Hakainde Hichilema is the problem, a present danger to Zambia…

Am going against advice from anonymous not to comment on political issues, but this has been pressing so dearly upon me and here are my 2 cents thoughts.

Zambia’s problems today are not a result of UPND as a party, nor is a merger between PF and Socialist Party a solution. Actually, the latter will cause more harm to our great nation.

Our problem as a nation is Hakainde Hichilema, and my prayer is that a splinter party from within UPND will emerge and take charge of Zambia.

The other option is a 3rd force.

Ask yourself this question; are things OK in Zambia? Now, read my post again.

My apologies to anonymous. I will make up with a movie date.


  1. Shakafuswa, we know you are a foreigner by origin, in fact you’re Zimbabwean. We don’t want imported problems in Zambia of which you are.
    We are a democratic country and your call for the removal of a democratically elected president is treason in our country. You should be immediately arrested and face the consequences of your stupidity.
    The current problems in Zambia are directly attributable to PF that left our country in huge debt. Why are you trying to distance yourself from the economic plunder by your political party. HH and UPND have done nothing but trying to correct your your foolish mistakes. You were buying wheelbarrows at USD1 million each, what do you think the effect on the economy would be??
    Please Christopher Shakafuswa, leave our country now. You’re a confused foreigner don’t bring us problems. Idyot, mother fcker.

  2. Chilyata, insulting is not the way to defend the UPND. Ephraim Shakafuswa has merely asserted that HH is the problem. Merely making a statement like that does not necessarily make it true because he has not explained how HH is the problem. It’s statement coming from a lazy mind.

  3. These foreigners are taking advantage of the docile nature of Zambians. The Christopher Shakafuswa boy has done absolutely nothing in Mandevu constituency. Not even marketeers’ CDF grants at Kabanana Mandevu and Chazanga markets have been disbursed. Our roads are so terrible I don’t drive my car any more.

    I will campaign heavily against him come 2026 so this this dynasty of ungrateful foreigners can leave our constituency.

    The boy is just an ignorant vuvuzela of ECL just like his father Jonas was Mwanawasa’s vuvuzela who called Parliament Motel a slaughter house. Now this Ephraim goon is feeling the pangs of hunger that was caused by the $1million second hand fire fighters they bought at $300,000 CIF each. He is luck Zambians are gullible. But they will go back home after a serious President is elected into office.

  4. Hakainde is the problem. A very big problem, and it’s sad that he became President. His persona as a leader of the UPND when in Opposition, which he has taken to state house is a danger to Zambia.
    He resurrected the pre- independence tribal fractures, which he harnessed , and used to propel him to the presidency of both the UPND and Country..and the legion of tribal zealots who bought into his tribal narrative , who used violence under a fallacy that they were in some liberation struggle, and today daily insult others are a time bomb. These zealots won’t fathom a loss for Hakainde…and Zambia won’t be the same when he loses in 2026. The noises for a federal state are not coming from without..they are a realization that a tribal project can’t win in Zambia. It can only win through fragmention of the unitary state ..then those who believe in their own can rule their own.

    In terms of governance, It’s all about him, and him alone. He is absolute. An Emperor. He doesn’t respect any institution of government…He doesn’t respect the Judiciary , the legislature and even his executive..
    Our courts are becoming mere decorations. You can’t expect anything from our Courts of law.
    Talk of the Police…It’s arrests and arrests.
    And over frivolous reasons.

    Look at the confusion in our National Assembly. Our sacred institution forging documents… tampering with the Registrar of Society Letters. This is the lowest a country can sink to.
    Look at what happened in Kabushi, Kwacha and Kabwata. Look at what he is doing with the ECZ.
    Hakainde can’t preside over a simple Ward bye Election. Can this man handle a Presidential and General Election?
    Yes I agree, this man is a danger to Zambia. He was a danger as a Leader of UPND. He is a danger as President of the Republic..and come 2026 let someone else take over.
    May we finally close the chapter of Hakainde’s politics in 2026. It has been hell. I submit.

  5. Conspiracy to remove a Democratically elected president is high treason!
    UPND, you need to wake up and start using balls of steel!
    This Economy we are now going through is Zambia’s REAL Economy!
    PF got Zambians used to Kaloba money and the functional illiterates thought the Economy was booming!
    We should thank God that he gives the right leaders at the right time!
    PF initiated the IMF Deal but failed lamentably for lack of International Credibility! Zambia made wrong international headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic and became the first country to default on Kaloba. This was the time when PF was still in power for those with short memories!
    With change of government, Zambia now could now afford renewed international good will towards it’s debt restructuring program!
    We should be grateful that despite the PF Debt problem that remains unresolved, civil servants are still getting paid on time. New Civil servants are being employed. Social spending is still going on. We don’t have fuel shortages and the $500,000 debt PF left towards OMCs is being dismantled!
    It’s very easy to look nice on Kaloba! When Kaloba dries up, reality must be embraced and managed!
    This is Zambia’s REAL Economy!
    If we had not changed government in 2021, the following would have happened:

    1. The Kwacha would be trading at not less than K60 to a USD and in free fall! PF would have had no credibility to access USDs to stabilize the Kwacha.

    2. Fuel shortages would have been the order of the day.

    3. FQM and Barrick who were in the process of moving out would have left. Thus, our mining industry would be dead by now. When PF realized they had over borrowed, they thought the way out was to squeeze more taxes from the mines!
    To renew confidence in our mine industry, it was important to incentivize the industry! We may not see the benefits now but in the next 3 to 5 years, Zambia’s mine industry will be back to life, paying more taxes and employing more citizens!

    4. Zambians would have been surviving on Chinese debt because this was the only thing that was sustaining us under PF!
    This is the reason ba PF were pleading with our President to go to China because this was the only source of USDs ba PF were left with.
    Knowing ba China, they would have started squeezing our government to give away ZESCO and other Parastatals. We were on the way to becoming the First Chinese Colony on the African continent!
    Our Chinese debt would have been more than it is.

    5. The high cost of living we are having today, thanks to PF Kaloba, would have been worse under ECL!

    6. ECL powered cadres would have morphed into vigilantes and militia groups terrorizing innocent citizens!
    Life in Zambia would have become worse than what is obtaining in Zimbabwe for example!

    7. True to his word, if ECL had gone through the 2021 elections, his first action was effecting the arrest of his arch enemy, HH and his supporters!
    The Democratic Space PF is saying is shrinking would be non-existent!
    ECL would have morphed into a tinpot dictator by now and Zambia would have been isolated Internationally!
    Democracy would be dead pa Zed!

    So anyone agitating the removal of a Democratically elected president should be dealt with firmly!
    We cannot risk going back to days of anarchy, Lawlessness and hooliganism!
    Pick this Shakafuswa guy and charge him accordingly!
    I always say the hardest hit chaps in this REAL Economy we are experiencing are PF cadres who got addicted to free money from Kasaka kandalama! They hate HH because he took away the Kasaka! Even those who were masquerading as UPND cadres hoping to take over from PF hooligans are in shock that Akasaka is no longer accessible! They want to fight president HH the same way they fought President Guy Scott when he rescued Akasaka during the transition after Sata’s demise!

    Us who value hard work have never been tempted to become political parasites on Akasaka Kandalama! We have refused favours or appointments under the New Dawn. The only thing we have accepted is Empowerment to expand our businesses and the future is looking very good!
    Instead of wasting time and energy complaining, why not use that valuable resource to engage in productivity?

    It’s not what Boma is doing for you but what are you as a citizen doing for your country?

  6. Let someone try and take a survey, almost if not all those who are blaming HH out of their frustration have had no formal employment or business, they have been thriving and surviving on government money through stealing. Now that that HH has cut their supply line, life line or conduit pipe, whatever you can call it, he has won himself many enemies. But in administration or management, it’s normal to have haters, you can’t be loved by everyone because if you loved by everyone, then you are a bad leader, people just want to leverage on your weak and bad leadership. However, it’s sad to hear one of Shakafuswa family to paint HH black when they owe the same person for their political fame. You have the right to your opinion but time is coming when you will remember HH. I don’t think you have any political future in PF because PF’s own political future is un certain. Besides that, unless you are still of any use to them, they will support and keep you but if not, they will dump you as they have done to others.

  7. Assumptions are just assumptions..and the assumptions you are making are absurd .
    What factors are you using to state that the Kwacha could have been trading at K60 had the PF won the 2021 elections ? Don’t take us for fools. We are not a country of jokers. We are serious citizens who are determined to raise our concerns on the current administration of Hakainde factually.
    We are objective in our analysis, and not in the league of tribal zealots who can accept any nosense because it’s being done by their own.
    Hakainde is incompetent and a failed project for Zambia.
    If the UPND project was to have a Tonga President, surely they couldn’t find a better Tonga with the persona to be a President of Zambia?
    The man we have at the helm is not just incompetent, but a danger to our democracy. The 20 years of Hakainde’s politics have been a disaster for Zambia..both in Opposition and in government.
    This man has to leave the stage in 2026.

  8. Dr. Mumba was right in his assertion that the current economic woes were pf created in their 10 years economic plundering and cannot be reversed in merely 2years of governance. PF is trying to shift the blame, yet they are the ones that recklessly borrowed massive loans from china. They are the ones that contracted Chinese companies to build roads and bridges and pay with the loaned money which these companies sent back to china. As if it is not enough Zambia is still to repay those loans on top of contacts which they have already received…. And pf is blaming the government?

  9. Contrariwise, HH is the best man for the job and definitely not a danger to the country as being put by those who do not want him and his government. The, “He’s a danger to the country” is their new slogan in the hopes of winning the hearts of those who feel insecure, hopeless and clueless.


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