President Hichilema same s£x position timely
…it closes the crucial debate in Zambia says Amb. Anthony Mukwita

From KBNTV-01.01.23

President Hichilema deserves commendation for putting to an end mounting speculation that his government was in full support of introducing same-gender relationships in Zambia says Ambassador Anthony Mukwita on ´The Analysis´ on KBNTV in Lusaka.

The President made the rare categorical statement at a church event that sought clarity on the crucial matter including his governments position on Zambia as a Christian Nation by constitutional decree.

“Certain things are not African certain things are not Christian it does not matter who has said it,” President Hichilema said, “they are not acceptable in our African culture we must have the courage to say we agree on certain things and disagree on other things. I am talking about LGBTQ and the likes…it is not acceptable in Zambia.”

This was the most categorical statement on the matter of LGBTQ in Zambia ever made in public by President Hichilema since he assumed office in 2021.

Following his election, Zambia saw g@y movements mushrooming around the country, including sections of the diplomatic corp openly flying g@y right flags at their embassies, a development that was seen as tacitly approved by President Hichilema until this week’s statement denying everything.

KBNTV CEO Pastor Kennedy Mambwe said President Hichilema´s widely circulated statement hopefully brings an end to the ´divisive´ discussion hugely supported by western donors and g@y group and commended the President for coming clean on The Analysis where he sits with Ambassador Anthony Mukwita discussing issues that made news during the week.

“Catholic Bishops said no to this (g@y) issue,” Pastor Mambwe said, “it doesn’t matter whether its President Joe Biden of the US who supports because in Zambia it’s not acceptable,” Pastor Mambwe said, “it’s good we finally heard from the President although it is clear he had no choice speaking on the heels of a strong statement by Bishop Willie Mfula…what is important is the President cleared the matter. Mr President, we salute you for settling this matter once and for all”.

Conversely, Ambassador Mukwita, a published author and international relations pundit said, “Mr President (HH) I was happy to hear that you are a man and not someone´s wife I am impressed that after two years of speculation you have given crystal clear clarity on this matter.”

Ambassador Mukwita added that, “critics say on The Analysis ´you always condemn President HH and government´ but today you have my kudos for upholding Zambia as a Christian nation and standing up against western powers that tried hard to impose their own values and cultures on Zambia bravo Mr President.”

The Ambassador added that one of the issues that boosted President Hichilema´s campaign and subsequent election into office was the dislike of the West of predecessor President Edgar Lungu´s open contemptuous rejection of LGBTQ which he said he would ´never touch with a ten-meter bamboo stick.´

President Lungu was immensely disliked by the West for his position against LGBTQ many pundits believe it cost him the Presidency as the western powers moved their support to his successor.

It is not clear how the western supporters of g@y rights will wine and dine with President Hichilema after his bold move to reject their wishes openly and categorically but reactions of support onto the Zambian President has suffered popularity poll numbers seem to have slightly climbed up.

Source: KBNTV



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