President Hichilema Urges Zambian Youths to Seize Opportunities in Beef Production


President Hichilema Urges Zambian Youths to Seize Opportunities in Beef Production

By Lucky Munakampe

Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has urged Zambian Youths to Seize Opportunities in Beef Production. In a resounding call for economic empowerment, President Hichilema champions the untapped potential of beef production in agriculture. His recent statement not only underscores the strategic importance of this sector in national development but also serves as a rallying cry for Zambian citizens, particularly the youth, to embrace the wealth-creating opportunities embedded within cattle ranching. This article delves into the multifaceted impact of the president’s directive during his ongoing tour of his cattle ranches, exploring why adherence to his advice holds the key to transformative change, job creation, and the economic resurgence of the country.

Unlocking Opportunities for Youth:

President Hichilema’s call resonates with the youth, highlighting the potential for economic growth in beef production. By venturing into this sector, young entrepreneurs can not only contribute to national development but also secure their own financial futures. The president’s personal success in cattle ranching serves as an inspiring example for aspiring individuals to follow suit.

Agriculture’s Integral Role in National Development:

The president underscores the pivotal role of agriculture in national development. Beyond being a source of sustenance, agriculture stands as a cornerstone for economic progress. The sector provides employment, supports local economies, and fosters self-sufficiency. The president’s commitment to cattle ranching on a personal level for over two decades exemplifies the enduring impact agriculture can have on a nation’s growth.

Cattle Ranching as a Catalyst for Wealth and Employment:

The president highlights the dual impact of cattle ranching – wealth creation and job generation. With an emphasis on overseeing cattle at his personal ranches, the president has not only maintained a thriving industry but has also been a consistent source of employment for the community. Cattle ranching emerges as a sector that not only contributes to the national GDP but also directly enhances the livelihoods of many citizens.

Transformative Power of Agriculture on the Economy:

The president’s vision extends beyond governmental initiatives, emphasizing the collective responsibility to create opportunities for all citizens. Agriculture, particularly cattle ranching, emerges as a transformative force in the economic fortunes of the country. By diversifying the economy through agriculture, Zambia can reduce dependence on singular revenue streams, fostering resilience and sustainability.

In conclusion, President Hichilema’s call for embracing beef production echoes a broader vision of a self-reliant, prosperous Zambia, where the youth play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s agricultural landscape and, consequently, its economic future.


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