President Hichilema´s toilets disturb Brian Mundubile


President Hichilema´s toilets disturb Brian Mundubile

…´it’s a rip-off can’t cost K350,000 each´

Hon. Brian Mundubile is perplexed at President Hakainde Hichilema´s decision to endorse makeshift toilets built at an alleged exorbitant cost of K350, 000 each.

The lawmaker believes the cost is ´exaggerated´ , a probe must be instituted to establish that, the small toilets that have raised a media stench in country cost much less than the stated alleged amount.

Hon. Mundubile has challenged President Hichilema and his team to justify how an estimated 2×4 toilet could possibly cost more money than a modest two bedroomed house with a toilet and bathroom included.

“Anyone who has built a modest two or three bedroomed house will confirm to you that the cost is about K300,000 total to complete the house with everything in it,” hon. Mundubile said.

He asked, “how then can a small toilet with cheap doors and roofing sheets cost more than a two to three bedroomed house? Something is terribly wrong here and it’s sad President Hichilema has allowed himself to be caught into this brewing toilet scandal.”

Hon. Mundubile reminded Mr Hichilema that while in opposition, he was the biggest critic on cost of construction of roads, airports, and bridges under President Edgar Lungu which he said were ´overpriced´ and sub-standard in quality.

“He (President Hichilema) always spoke against our construction projects calling them overpriced and not durable and not built on time now look at his toilets, this is shameful, and it reflects badly on the President,” Mundubile said.

Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, the government spokesman recently threatened the privately owned KBNTV for discussing the questionable standards of the toilets and the rationale behind taking the President to launch them when that could have been done by a councillor.

Hon. Mundubile warned President Hichilema that when he is no longer in office, ´uncomfortable questions´ will be asked on how he endorsed certain projects such as the toilets and disposal of state assets such as mines.

The 1,400 toilets, multiply by K350,000 each, have raised an ´engineering smell´ in the Zambian media and political arena prompting critics to suggest that there was corruption in the tendering process.

Hon. Mundubile said, “how else can you explain the amount for a one room toilet, maybe hon. Mweetwa has an answer to this question since he has answers to everything.”

President Hichilema wants to use the toilets as a tool to fight cholera that has killed hundreds of Zambians recently.


  1. Hon Mundubile, if you have any brains left in read this and understand that this project is huge which goes beyond toilets:

    Kwacha Water Supply and Sanitation DMMU Works.
    Brief Facts:
     The project is funded by the Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and implemented by Nkana Water Supply and Sanitation Company at a total cost of K53.4 million.
     It has three Components: Improve Water Supply in Old Kwacha, Kwacha East, Bulangililo Extension and Kwacha Resettlement/KR.
     Upgrading 3km of sewer lines from DN 150 to DN 200. (DN is Nominal Diameter). This is from Old Kwacha to Momo Bakery and Bulangililo Mosque.
     Construction of waterborne toilets for 1,674 households with 6.3km of associated sewer network.
    • One area – Old Kwacha and has never had decent sanitation facilities and sewer system. Most households were using pit latrines and ran out of space. Govt through DMMU moved in to avert a disaster in terms of waterborne diseases.
    • The project is benefitting a population of 123, 500 residents.
    • The project started in February 2023 and main works are targeted to be completed by 30 April 2024 with snags to be attended to between May and June 2024.
     Over 800m of sewer lines were constructed.
    • Approximately a total of 2000 youths at different stages of the project have been employed.
    • 1240 waterborne toilets have been completed and were being handed over on Saturday 13th April, 2024 to residents for use.
    • All toilets are waterborne and can be used to shower too.
    • Some manholes have been done and others are under construction and targeted to be completed between April and May/June this year.
    In KR and Bulangililo, we are removing the small pipes called ‘spaghetti connections’ to deal with the loss of water and high Non-Revenue Water.
    All these interventions are aimed at improving access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation.


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