President Lungu Blames UPND MP for the Bad Road Network in Rufunsa District


    President Edgar Lungu says the road network in Rufunsa District has not been worked on because area Member of Parliament Sheal Mulyata has not presented the case to Government.

    President Lungu said the UPND Law Maker has not approached the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development to request that the road network in the area be worked on.

    The President has however said that it is important for opposition MPs to work closely with government in order to improve the welfare of the Zambian people.

    Speaking when he visited St Luke’s College of Nursing and Midwifery in Rufunsa district, Lusaka Province where he interacted with village headmen and head women from Shikabeta, Bunda Bunda and Mphanshya Chiefdoms, the President directed Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale to quickly find ways of improving the road network.

    He urged the people of Rufunsa to work closely with the District Commissioner and present their cases with her in order for the government to respond on time in time.

    And President Lungu is disappointed that the UPND Rufunsa MP Sheal Mulyata has not approached the government on the construction of communication towers.

    She said it is disappointing that the MP has been silent on many challenges facing the area hoping to see the PF failing and losing elections next year.

    President Lungu said the MP will be shocked because the PF is retaining power next year.

    Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has met artisanal gold mining cooperatives in Rufunsa who recently received exploration and artisanal processing equipment. The 3 cooperatives- Kamandu, Pokela, and Chomwetu demonstrated how the equipment is used to recover gold from alluvial soil.

    The President expressed disappointment at the levels of misinformation and lies circulating on the management and participation of local Zambians in the gold sector, especially among the educated.

    He implored ZCCM-IH Board Chairperson Mr Eric Silwamba to continue sensitising the public on various initiatives and strategies that ZCCM-IH is implementing in carrying out its mandate of managing the programmes and activities in the gold sector.

    The President was accompanied by Provincial Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo and Provincial PS Mr. Elias Kamanga. The entourage was received by Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Hon. Richard Musukwa and his PS Mr Barnaby Mulenga, Minister of Commerce Hon. Christopher Yaluma, ZCCM-IH Board Chairperson Mr. Eric Silwamba, IDC CEO Mr. Mateyo Kaluba, and ZCCM-IH CEO Mr. Mabvuto Chipata


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