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President Lungu has a Moral Duty to Save PF

President Lungu is one of the most powerful men in Zambia today due to a variety of factors, including his access to significant amounts of money, Presidents and former presidents, businesses, and political funders. These resources are valuable to the survival of the PF.

However, having access to these resources does not give him the right to abuse his privilege and blackmail the party to keep him at its helm. Instead, he has a moral duty to help the party overcome its current challenges and regain its position of power.

This morning, I received the first audio message from the blogs. Anthony Mumba, the Member of Parliament for Kantanshi, expressed his disappointment about the situation in the PF and praised Antonio Mwanza for his courageous actions. This is beneficial for our democracy, and we anticipate that our leaders will make significant announcements during their meeting today, without hesitation or delay.

We have studied management at the highest level and we know that without a leader, an organization is likely to lack direction and cohesion, leading to confusion and inefficiency. Furthermore, in the absence of a leader, members may lack motivation, causing morale to decline. Therefore, having a capable and effective leader is crucial for the success and survival of any organization.

The current situation within the political party has left many members concerned about the future of the party. Reports have emerged that the Central Committee is currently sitting to address many of these issues that have been affecting the party in recent times. However, with members having high expectations of the meeting, it is important that the committee addresses all pertinent issues to avoid further division within the party.

One of the central issues that must be addressed is the future of former President Lungu, everyone knows that this is a hot issue and we must pretend it’s not working against the party. Therefore, it is crucial that the committee openly discusses the issue of Lungu’s future and provides a clear resolution. This could involve announcing a decision to bring back the former president or alternatively announcing his permanent departure from politics.

Moreover, along with the decision on Lungu’s future, another key announcement expected by the members is the announcement of the date for the party’s convention. A convention is a crucial event for the party as it enables members to elect new leaders and deliberate on critical issues affecting the party. Therefore, the committee must not shy away from disclosing such details as a failure to do so would create more uncertainty and further divide the party.

As individuals and as a society, it is easy to fall into the trap of blaming others for our problems. Whether in politics, relationships, or personal development, it is important that we take a step back and engage in self-introspection before we cast judgment on others.

The scripture reminds us of the importance of acknowledging our own faults and focusing on self-improvement before we try to fix the faults of others. As members of a political party, it is essential that we put this principle into practice.

Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu continues to grapple with the profound shock of his defeat in the 2021 election. Despite facing significant shortcomings and challenges leading up to that pivotal moment, he remains steadfast in his belief that victory should have been his.

The aftermath of an election loss can be a difficult period for any politician, especially one who has held the highest office in the land. In the case of President Lungu, it appears that he is struggling to come to terms with the outcome and reconcile it with his own perception of his performance and the support he believed he had garnered.

Political transitions can be tumultuous, and it is not unusual for former leaders to experience a sense of disappointment and disbelief. However, for the sake of national unity and democratic stability, it is vital for leaders to acknowledge the will of the people and respect the electoral process. This includes accepting defeat gracefully and supporting the new leaders to ensure a smooth transition and continuity.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s refusal to heed the advice and his choice to surround himself with politically inexperienced individuals contributed to his shock at losing the 2021 election. Despite his shortcomings, he pursued a dangerous route of the formation of a new political party within the existing Patriotic Front (PF) membership, side-lining seasoned party members. We all saw the formation of organizations like GOZA whatever it means.

The first blunder he made prior to the elections was how he composed his new Central Committee in February 2021. Whoever advised him is a serial killer. All the new entrants to the Central Committee had nothing to their names. Look at how they all ran away from the Party upon smelling defeat.

The second blunder was that our president used the Central Committee to bring in inexperienced politicians as Parliamentary Candidates in very critical Constituencies. The majority of them could not withstand the pressure of the vicious campaign mounted by the UPND. This was especially in Lusaka, Eastern and Copperbelt Provinces. The results are there to tell.

The third problem was that our President Lungu lost control of the party. He had also left the government machinery in the hands of a few dangerously greedy officials. The system became a free-falling object. The loans were obtained and spent on expensive projects that did match the value of the loans, creating a crisis and defaulting the loan repayments.

The fourth area of failure was that he was very selective when it came to associating with senior members of the party. This was also evident among the Cabinet Ministers, some of whom he did not spare any moments for any counsel.

People are still angry. It would not make sense really to think that he would be a better leader this time around. Let him bite the bullet and allow for the convention to take place or for new leaders to be chosen, his casual approach to important issues must stop now.

If President Edgar Chagwa Lungu wishes to make a comeback, it would be beneficial for him to do so now, allowing the Zambian people to assess his leadership abilities and determine if he has the necessary qualities to challenge Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for power. However, it is essential for us to consider historical context and recall how Dr. Lungu ascended to the presidency. It was not through a deliberate plan or personal ambition, but rather by chance or fortuity. This observation underscores the fact that the individual in question does not naturally possess the traits typically associated with a successful political leader, such as a proclivity for conflict or assertiveness. Instead, his elevation to power was more a matter of luck or fate.

Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu may not possess the necessary qualities and capabilities to effectively handle the demanding and challenging nature of leadership, particularly within the highly competitive and ruthless political sphere. In my personal opinion, he lacks the essential attributes of courage, assertiveness, strategic thinking, and decisiveness that are crucial for making difficult decisions and navigating complex situations. It is imperative to recognize these limitations in order to ensure effective governance and the prosperity of the nation.

Until next week, I bid you farewell with the blessing of Shalom.


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