Joyce Simukoko


Dear Mr President,

I know you have been let down by madam Joyce Simukoko Nonde. I know you expected a lot from her just like many Zambians because of her labour movement background. We all celebrated her appointment.

Sir, a lot of bad things are happening under her watch ! The Zambian worker is being mistreated under her watch! Sir the Zambian worker is being treated like a slave under her watch! In Lusaka, Mayor Miles Sampa and Minister Bulldozer Bowman Chilosha Lusambo are doing her Job!

Mr. President fire madam Nonde! Boss1 Adada1 mwalishiba ati capital yesu nimwebo so abakumimweneshamo pafyo mulebomba twakana biggie man.

Biggie man ba Doctor Bashi Tasila please fire her!

For the love of Zambia & PF

Vincent Katongo Mutale


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