Nevers Mumba and lungu

I cherish my cordial relationship with President Edgar Lungu who has respect for divergent views and I will never raise a disrespectful voice against him, New Hope MMD Leader, Nevers Mumba has said.

And Dr Mumba said political party leaders that were aspiring to lead Zambia must put the interest of the nation above theirs.

Dr Mumba said this in an interview yesterday after attending the National Prayer Initiative for Peaceful Elections at Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross themed, “proclaiming peaceful, issue based political campaigns to provide responsible leadership for the next five years of Zambia”.

Dr Mumba who thanked the church for having organized the national prayers for peaceful campaigns said there was need for political leaders to love and talk to one another as Zambia was old enough as a Christian nation to have leaders with no Christian values.

He said there was need for politicians to coexist because Zambia was bigger than any individual politician.

“Politics come and go, God will always be there and Zambia will always be there, so let us not be too small but big enough to coexist with others. Those who want to lead the country should put the interest of Zambia above theirs,” Dr Mumba said. Asked how he could describe his relationship with President Lungu, Dr Mumba said, “My relationship with the President is good and there is no any enmity between me and him.”

The MMD leader added, “He (President Lungu) has never raised a voice against me and you will never hear me raise a voice that is disrespectful against him. So you can be assured that this is the type of a relationship we want to see amongst ourselves across respective political parties.”-Daily Nation


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