President Msoni on the uncouth behaviour of the PF criminals:

Regardless of the views you might hold on Mr. Innocent Kalimanshi, But we think that unleashing violence on him is totally despicable and unacceptable way of resolving any political issues.

One of the underlying principle and purpose for forming political parties is to help resolve political grievances by using the created political structures of the party to resolve intra-party differences amongst members as opposed to members themselves resorting to lynching each other in broad daylight shamelessly.

We denounce in the strongest term the culture of violence regardless who the perpetrators are or for whatever motivation for engaging in the vice.

It should even be more embarrassing for a political party that is in government to behave in this uncivilised manner at their own party secretariat.

We think that the PF leadership must apologise to the Zambian public for their barbaric behaviour which openly played out without any sense of shame.

We register our utmost disappointment and displeasure to learn that journalists in the line of duty were also caught up in mayhem and sustained serious injuries in the fracas.

This is intolerable conduct and behaviour that is undermining the democratic dispensation of our country and must stop forthwith.

We urge the Patriotic Front to take action against the criminal elements of the party that are putting the lives of innocent citizens at real risk and in mortal danger if left unchecked


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