Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

President Msoni opposed revised ECZ 2021 nomination fees
All People’s Congress (APC) leader Nason Msoni is protesting over the new revised nomination fees as announced by the Electoral commission of Zambia.

Mr. Msoni asserts that nomination fees should not be commercialised and exclusive to the majority of our citizens.
Nomination fees should be indicative and a reflection of the social and economic standing of our citizens.
With such unrealistic nomination fees it invariably means that it is only the corrupt who will go unopposed in certain instances upon filing-in nominations.

The high nomination fees will undoubtedly limit the number of would be credible candidates from participating in the 2021 elections due to the astronomical nomination fees being demanded by the ECZ.

Zambians are anxious and eager to have clean and corrupt free citizens participating in the 2021 elections.
Going by the insistence of the ECZ for the abnormal nomination fees it is highly likely that most of the recycled rejected corrupt criminals will resurface back in the peoples assembly.

High nomination fees seem to be justifying corruption as a means to an end.
Nason msoni
All peoples Congress APC


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