President of South Africa meets with Jewish leaders


South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa met with a Jewish lobby group and said the country strongly supports Palestinians in the ongoing war with Israel.

During the meeting, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies asked President Ramaphosa to keep the community safe from antisemitism.

They asked Mr Ramaphosa to fully recognize Israel and open the South African embassy in Tel Aviv. They also wanted to stop the closure of Israel’s embassy in Pretoria.

They also asked Mr. Ramaphosa to speak out or take action against the boycott of Israeli and Jewish businesses in South Africa.

In answer, President Ramaphosa spoke out against hatred of Jewish and Muslim people, but confirmed that South Africa still supports Palestinians.

“President Ramaphosa restated the South African government’s stance on the current fight between Israel and Palestine,” said the president’s office in a statement.

The President said the government does not agree with treating Jewish people badly in South Africa, like boycotting their businesses, and being afraid of people who practice Islam.


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