Presidential aides sleeping on duty – Mayangwa


    Presidential aides sleeping on duty – Mayangwa

    A LUSAKA-based political commentator Dillion Mayangwa has taken swipe at President Hakainde Hichilema’s political and legal advisors Levy Ngoma and Christopher Mundia respectively saying the duo are sleeping on duty.

    Mayangwa’s comment come in the wake President Hichilema’s aborted campaigns in Kabushi and Kwacha constituencies following a High Court ruling in favor of PF candidates Bowman Lusambo and Joe Malanji whose nominations were rejected by the Electoral Commission of Zambia a fortnight ago.

    Mayangwa believes President Hichilema would have been better advised.

    He said is heartbreaking to see a good President who was trying his level best subjected to public ridicule because of ill advise.

    Mayangwa said those surrounding the President were had gone into slumber mode while criminals were getting together to takeover.

    Yesterday, President Hakainde Hichilema finished his working visit campaigning in Kabushi and Kwacha Constituency whose by-elections have been put to halt by the Lusaka High Court.

    Mayangwa said President Hakainde’s political and legal advisors who would have given him a signal not to proceed with campaign until the matter is dealt with.

    He said Presidential advisors must wake up to political realities.

    “UPND sloppy political strategists are costing President Hakainde Hichilema’ s good leadership. Despite all the Excellent works the President is doing, no one is going back to the people to explain what the government is doing what it has done and what it has achieved. All the time it is taking the President to explain on what government has done or doing. The UPND Secretary General Batuka Imenda is fast asleep while the party is being destroyed politically. It is very embarrassing what is happening in Kabushi and Kwacha Constituency,” Mayangwa said.

    “How do you embarrass a Head of State like that? How? It is because Levy Ngoma the political advisor, and Christopher Mundia his legal counterpart are sleeping on duty.”

    He said people around the President must wake up and do the job they are paid for.

    “Just look around and see how criminals are moving freely, because they are let loose. Yes, while the President is promoting the rule of law, criminals are now gathering confidently mocking him. What I have learnt in the school of thoughts is that governance and politics should move together, that is Government should be ruled with a firm hand,” Mayangwa said.

    “A political party’s stay in government depends on how good they are managing governance and politics as a unit . But people assigned to play politics are not doing the right things. The failure to manage politics will give an opportunity to Criminals to bounce back to power with full force. I must add, these two people, the political advisor and the legal advisor are the worst in the history of this country.”


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