Press Statement By The Inspector General Of Police Warning Against Utterances On Secession Of Territory

PICTURE FILE: Zambian President (left) and the Litunga, King of Barotseland, walk side by side during the Kuomboka ceremony in Limunga, Royal Barotseland Kingdom.


February 20, 2024

The Zambia Police Service wishes to bring to the attention of the public a matter of utmost concern regarding recent careless utterances by certain individuals suggesting secession of territory belonging to the Republic of Zambia.

The Republic of Zambia is, by law, established as a unitary state, and any attempt to challenge or undermine this legal foundation is not only irresponsible but also a serious offense against the laws of our nation.

It has been noted with concern that certain individuals have been making statements that border on treason, promoting ideas of secession and challenging the integrity of the Republic of Zambia.

The Zambia Police Service, as a law enforcement agency, cannot and will not turn a blind eye to such illegal activities.

We are duty-bound to uphold and enforce the laws of the Republic, ensuring the safety, security, and unity of our great nation.

Effective immediately, the Zambia Police Service will take decisive action against any person found to be promoting or inciting any form of uprising or secession.

Such individuals will be promptly arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the established laws of the Republic of Zambia.

The seriousness of these offenses cannot be overstated, and the consequences will be severe for those who choose to engage in activities that threaten the peace and stability of our nation.

We hereby issue a stern warning to all individuals who may have intentions of committing such illegality to cease and desist from such actions immediately.

The Zambia Police Service is committed to maintaining law and order, and any attempts to undermine the unity of the Republic will be met with the full force of the law.

Let it be known that the Zambia Police Service remains vigilant and proactive in ensuring the protection of our national interests.

We call upon all citizens to uphold the values of unity and nationalism that define us as Zambians.

Mr. Graphel Musamba


  1. Do we have Barotseland or NOT? Was there a time when Zambian government abrogated any treaty called Barotseland? I believe suppression like this will ONLY cause unnecessary unrest. If there was such an agreement, Zambian government be humble enough, sit and discuss. This arrest was done in the past and failed.

  2. There are some disgruntled people in the diaspora sponsering those Youths. What the people of Barotseland need is development only. The calls and innuendoes for secession will not work.

  3. It’s about time law enforcement took their job seriously. Just follow the law, leave politics to the politicians. IG Musamba is correct. As far as he is concerned there only one zambia and if anyone calls for succession, that is inciting violence, breaking the law, endangering zambia’s national security, putting zambians at risk, all which could be treasonous.
    Until the legislature acts and changes the law both IG and HH like their predecessors should uphold current law. PERIOD.

  4. I dont think calling for succession is equivalent to calling for violence. There is nothing wrong with succession. South Sudan was once part of Sudan, Eritrea was once a part of Ethiopia. Look at how many countries came out of Yugoslavia. You can silence the voices for now but the desire will keep on burning.

    • Big Senior if there is nothing wrong with calling for succession, why are all those countries you have cited have displaced citizens? Maybe you have forgotten the serbian issue as a result of the break up of Yugoslavia? Its human lives that you are talking about, not silly causes that dont add to lives upsurpted silly causes.
      The very west people insult day in sustain you education, health budgets. Its tax payer money that someone has paid after working hard. And Lungu suggests its governments role to dole out hand out? Does China, Russia or any Communist/socialist country dole out cash to you for free?
      Where war breaks out, where do most of you run to? Is it not the same west that guarantees and secures freedoms for the persons that reside in those countries? Try seeking assylum in North Korea or Cuba and see if life will be that rosey.
      Lets not agitate ideals that we have never lived. The BRE PM and the youths are wrong. Call a spade a spade. The BRE PM has shown immaturity in the manner he is going about this whole issue. Are there no lozi lawyers to counsel the man? The youths are a misguided lot. And the BRE can nip this in the bud before it escalates.
      Zambia has potential, this potential for productivity has to be harnessed. Congo fails in this regard as its foundation to build on that potential is marred by civil strife. Factions have put their egos ahead of the greater good. We should not fall pray to this.


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