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A Fresh New audio from a close Nathan Mithi associate ,INDEED There’s always Two sides to a story let’s never be so quick to judge.Before We all rush to crucify the wife here’s what this associate has to say about Nathan’s behavior.


His name is Nathan Mithi

He Wrote:

If you are seeing this then am probably DEAD!
Ati ‘I need space’ kansi ah nyegesa kunja
Imbwa iwe

Don’t Skip but lean from me.


A mother should always teach their daughter the truth, but your mother did the opposite . Your mother married you off even when I was still married with you. Cold hearted mother.

I have been married to Sabby Phiri from 2012 till to this day of 2023
We have had our ups and downs, and through out the years I wasn’t good husband to her because of her lifestyle.

When I first meet Sabby in PHI. For me it was looks and love the first time. She was young and beautiful looking.
To be honest, i wasn’t sure about her from the first time I met her.
Something was off about her. I could not just place it nicely at that time Couz I was just a young man too
After we got married, that’s when I was told that she had 2 kids from 2 different fathers. you can imagine how that fills.

In her time of life, she had a 3rd man who wanted to marry her before me.
This man died, he was killed by the first man who wanted to marry her, the father to the first born child.
Her past life was not clear, I discovered that after the guy died Sabby was so Quick to full in love again without taking her time to process her life very well and take the right step.
She was in love with A young Desmond dezzy mukoloba, working at Kalingalinga police station back in the days.
Sabby meet Desmond after she was arrested and was in prison for about 2 months, that’s how Desmond who at this time was on duty working started showing interest in Sabby well she was behind bars.
Well Sabby was in prison she was pregnant but lots her baby well she was still in there. The man who dead left her pregnant and she didn’t know till then she had a miscarriage right there in prison.

After Sabby was released from jail, they got along with Desmond who at this time was dating sabby and another lady.
After a period of time had passed, Desmond refused to marry Sabby in the presence of his family for a reason that Sabby had kids.
Done time to move on.sabby back on the road for more treasure hunting


If you are following very well.
Take a second and think about it here, isn’t Sabby at this point Supposed to take a break from dating and go through her past life? kaya mwandi


That’s how I found myself with her after the twist of events with Desmond.

After this guy, Sabby had her own ides of finding a man to marry her.
But when I discovered that she had a dirty life of her own. She was Trying to go back to the her ex who’s then married well she was married to me.

Sabby tried to have sex in our house during the day with my friend by the name of JM Brown this was the first time I court her in the act.
I was so broken at this point in life.
I could not help but find myself with other women. And believe me you, it was me against the world. I even reached out to my ex thinking we can fix things again but it never worked out.

I had a lot of girls in my life at this point. I was drinking, clubbing, westing money on friends girls, sex, e.t.c.
I was so much in pain at this point. After the trust I had for Sabby it this point it was all gone.
I just wanted to leave her at this point.
Sabby got busy with her life trying to find Mr Right.


My reason was very simple to why I was doing all this. I wanted to find a better woman for me. A good woman who was not doing the things that Sabby was doing. I wanted to put an end to my relationship with Sabby so I can move on with another woman.
But in the process i discovered that I was inflicting more good than terrible damage to myself. The more I pushed for me and her to separate, the more I was still with her.
We could go our separate ways for a while but the sooner before we knew it, we are back together again and again and again and again……..
I didn’t understand what was going on at this point in my life.

But with time, i learnt something from everything. And so i decided that I should change my life and I did.
I asked myself why was sabby still with me after the things I have done to her.
And why am I still trying to find a woman to marry well am still with Sabby?
Then it clicked, Change was the only solution here.
I was a better person a good loving husband. I even apologized to her over my actions towards her over the years. We where back in love like never before.
I told my wife to change her life and she promised me that things will be different.
Truth be told, from 2016 till now, my wife has never changed. She’s been sleeping with different men around Zambia.

Men from Facebook/ private meetings, I told my wife to stop but she never did listen to me.

Over the years she has been in and out of the house because of sex. She has changed to a person who loves sex, drinking beers, all she wants is good life, men with money, cars, e.t.c. You name it.
To me she pretends, but the truth is clear, she’s nothing but a Gold digger.

She’s married to me but still searching for a man who can give her the best life she needs.
With that been her plan, things have not worked as planned.
Sabby tried to get rid of me just like I tried so many yes ago.
But ended up sleeping with one man after another in the name of searching for MR right

When she leaves the house, she would block me every where just to prevent me from calling her phone.
The most bizarre thing about this story is that, the mother had always known where she would be all these times and she supported her wrong decisions.

Every time she’s away the mother and sister will have the first cut of a phone call from her with the new numbers that she hides from me.
They could create stories of where she is so that I believe them.
But with time I mastered there methods of lies and you could see that time was really caching up with them.
She made me look bad in front of her mother and sister, the sister even insulted me in the presence of her, the mother, the husband, and my daughter. and my wife just stood there watching her without any words to her.

She would leave for days just for sex.
She would leave the kids home alone just for her own enjoyment, leaving a child who is 1 year and some months with me at home.
I have been a forgiving husband over the years but it seems my wife had taken me for granted.

I have been posting pictures of me and her all over social media, just to show her that am happily married to her. And that I have put everything behind me.
I could always talk nice things about her to people.
I even stopped having conversations about sex with my friends or getting numbers from other women. I could tell my friends that I was a changed man, and they could not believe me at all. But with time they did Cuz they saw my actions. And for this I was happy with my life.
When am home with her my phone was no longer hidden from her, no password on my phone.
I gave her the power to go through my phone whenever she wants. I was a clean guy at this point. I was Completely different, A Changed mother fucker.

THE LIST (dodx)/pdf

I have a list of men she has had sex with and others that I don’t know there names.

If you have had sex with her and you are not on the list, it’s because I don’t remember you or your name Lucky you. I have a number of about 15 in my head so far to say the list. Will try to break it down for you.

:Below are a few names:

1: Hon. Cornelius Mweetwe chief government spokesperson. UPND.
2: Jetty Lungu standing for ZICA president.
3: General Kanene, this guy is a relative but sex was more important to sabby.
4: desmond dezzy mukoloba, even to this day there are still having sex. Police officer. Works from center police under traffic. And his married.
5: Casco Mubang, fuck you. You took her away from me for 2 days into your house.
6: a bus driver name I have forgotten, but been to his one roomed house and did some beating out of him. In the presence of sabby her self.
7: a doctor name forgotten.
8: Isaac Mulinda Junior a very stupid man and his married too. Fuck you.
9: a teacher from UTH, by then he used to teach the younger brother.
The same teacher use’s sign language to
talk. Sabby forced her self on this man because she wanted him to marry her.
10: a young boy from the family side, in our house on our bed fuck the both of you.
11: A guy by the name of JM brown, in our house. Fuck you.
12: our landlord where we where-staying in Chipata. Mr Lungu old man Abouja. A very useless man.

As am typing this she has run away from home twice this month of 11/2023.
The last move she did was last week Sunday on the 25 of September till now I don’t know where she’s sleeping and doing her normal routine. It’s now the first of December. The mother told me to call her and that her phone was on.
Which I did and we talked, she’s just told me she’s in mazabuka at the uncles house
Just like months ago when she was in Kabwe for 2 days at Casco Mubanga’s house and lied that she was at her father’s house in Obama . I now know how there cards are been played so they can’t fool me anymore.

I was with her last week Wednesday to Thursday morning we had sex that night and we talked about our marriage, she said sorry about her bad behavior and she was ready to start all over again. Sounds familiar right.

The last time I spoke to hear was on Sunday evening when she sent a text saying I love you. From then all her numbers are off line just like always. Stone cold woman you are sabby.
I bagged you to tell me if our relationship was long gone so I can give you your freedom. So many times i asked you but what did you do, you told me you still loved me. You told me you wanted this marriage.


Please fill free to add to what have I have forgotten am too emotional right now.
Add to what I have not written down Cuz am in pain and I can’t type it out anymore.
The list goes on and on, I added a video clip of her Confessing to some of these activists.
And sending nudes to men.

I also have audio sounds of men that have come clean confessing doing these things with sabby. I had a one on one meeting with them and recording it all. It’s all saved in my email address and phone


I did it because I truly loved her from the bottom of my heart.
My heart could not take the nonsense that she is into. But at the same time it was true love for me.
I have lost hope in love, I only see one woman in my life and that is her.
Therefore!. if I can’t have her, then let me rest in peace. Am a changed man, I have no feelings for any other woman out there. I only see One woman and that is Sabby, the same woman I wanted to let go so many years ago, but she changed me so much.


SABBY SABBY SABBY! Remember am not the first man to die in your hands but the second one. Remember remember remember! and take note.
The next man will not tolerate what I was going through with you but will kill you by his hands.
I told you so many times that one day I will die if you continue treating me like this.
A number of times I tried to commit suicide because of your nonsense.
I told you if you don’t want me then free me, but you never wanted too, see now what you have done to me. I still love you even when am dead. But change your ways. Lean to say No!
I did avoid telling your mother the truth about your lifestyle because I thought you would change your life. Even your other relatives. I protected you but in return you made me look like am the one with a problem.
I was always checking up on you yes, because of your nonsense. Your secret life that you had, not even your friends know about it.
After having sex out there with other men, then you also come home and have sex with me. The truth was batter than what you did to me.

.My advice to you people.

“Never marry a woman because of her looks but marry her for who she is”
The first mistake I made with Sabby

Looks aren’t everything in a relationship, but they do matter. A relationship based on physical appearance often has an expiration date. Many factors play a role in the success of any relationship, including the couple’s personalities, shared interests or values, and mutual love for each other.

I live her with 5kids, 3 of my own and 2 from 2 different fathers.
am not even sure if they are my kids. Chalo ichi..anyway
Enjoy your life party harder well you still can , your time is coming sooner!
Dodx will never take you anywhere boi. Relax your self.

Check for I have left behind hint. My new MTN line it’s all in there
Even in death I still leave you with something

Ghetto link!!!!!


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