Prince Andrew’s claims not being looked into – Met Police


The Metropolitan Police said they are not looking into claims about the Duke of York and his ties to the late Jeffrey Epstein who was involved in child abuse.

Prince Andrew is being accused of touching a woman inappropriately at Epstein’s house in court documents that were made public. He has said before that this is not true.

The Met said it will look at any new and important information if someone tells them about it.

The prince is one of many important people listed in the files.

The new papers are part of a legal case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend. She has been arrested for helping him hurt girls.

Many of the claims in the papers are not new.

The files have a long story from Johanna Sjoberg. She met Prince Andrew at Epstein’s house in New York in 2001. Also there were Epstein’s friend Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre. She later filed a claim against the prince for a sexual assault, and they agreed on a settlement.

Ms Sjoberg says that Prince Andrew touched her breast during an encounter. Buckingham Palace has said that the allegations are completely false.

British group against king and queen, Republic, said it told the police about the prince after the papers came out this week.

The force knew about the documents getting out, but they haven’t started looking into it yet.

“We will look at any new and important information that is brought to our attention,” a spokesperson said.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he won’t talk about the police or court cases involving Prince Andrew.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour party and a former top prosecutor, said that when people make believable accusations, those accusations should be looked into.

“I saw the headlines but not the details. Whoever it is, if there are believable accusations, they should be investigated,” he said on LBC.

The papers mention some famous people like former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

The papers do not have any claims of Mr. Trump doing something wrong, and there is no suggestion that Mr. Clinton did anything illegal.

Epstein, a wealthy man who had connections in the government, business, and royal families, died in jail in 2019. He was accused of running a large group of young girls for sex.

Maxwell went to prison for 20 years in July 2020. She has asked for help, and they will listen to her in November next year.

Prince Andrew said he would stop doing his royal duties in 2019 because of the Epstein scandal.


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