The printing of presidential ballot papers for the August 12,2021 presidential and general elections is now complete.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) disclosed that the printing of the presidential papers by the printer has reached 100% and is now going through the pre-packaging processes in readiness of packaging for dispatching to Zambia.

ECZ Senior Corporate Affairs Officer, Sylvia Bwalya in a media briefing today in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) further disclosed that the overall printing of the four main types of elections which include mayoral/council chairpersons, national assembly and local government had reached 88 percent.

“The commission wishes to inform the public it is delighted with the printing of ballot papers so far here in Dubai. The presidential ballot paper printing is now at 100% complete. We are now undertaking the pre-packaging processes in readiness for packaging,” Ms Bwalya disclosed.

As for the mayoral and council chairpersons, Ms Bwalya said the printing progress had reached 97% whilst those of the national assembly was at 80 percent.

Ms Bwalya stated that the printing of local government ballot papers was standing at 68 percent as of Thursday July 15,2021.

Earlier, ECZ Commissioner, Ambassador Ali Simwinga expressed happiness at the gained momentum in the printing process which has now reached the stage of serialization and stapling of all the ballot papers in readiness for packaging.

“it was pleasing that as stakeholders we this morning passed through the plant to see the serialization and packaging of some completed papers which had started,” the Commissioner said.

Ambassador Simwinga observed that the progress so far made by the printer is an indication that the project was on course, and dispatching of the papers will be done by the month end.

He said the commission is pleased with the service provider’s works and Zambians should be proud of ECZ as it has managed elections for a long time.

“The commission has been undertaking elections for a long time now to the satisfaction of the locals and international observers. From the figures presented, there is considerable progress and we are on course towards the completion of this project,” Ambassador Simwinga indicated.

The Commissioner also stated that projections set by the printer that will dispatch the first batch of ballot papers on July 28th to Zambia, and to be followed by the final batch on July 30th, 2021, is good news to ECZ.

“We are optimistic that the projection set to dispatch the papers to Zambia is good news as it will give the commission enough time to prepare for verification of the papers upon arrival in Zambia.

Ambassador Simwinga pointed out that the verification of the remaining local government papers was nearing completion and those from the recent fresh nomination so that they are included in the ongoing printing of papers in Dubai.

Meanwhile the Non-Government Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has called on churches, communities and stakeholders to embrace the entire electoral process.

Executive Director Engwase Mwale said the printing of the papers which have reached 88 percent was another process that must be welcomed by all Zambians.

Ms Mwale said there was need for everyone in the country to embrace the actual elections by voting in numbers as decisions made in the ballot booth are key in determining the kind of leadership the country aspires to be in order for it to develop.

She called on women who comprise 53% of the voters in the country to rise to the occasion and get the women’s voice to be heard.


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