Pro-corruption Bulawayo CCC councillors plot to recall Mayor David Coltart through Tshabangu

Mayor of Bulawayo David Coltart speaking at the King George VI Centre in Bulawayo in 2018 (Picture via Facebook - Prudence Mabhena)

A coterie of CCC Councillors in Bulawayo are said to be dissatisfied with Mayor David Coltart on his strong stance against corruption, leading them to plot a recall process through Sengezo Tshabangu.

Tshabangu, who claims to be the interim secretary general of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has been actively recalling legislators and Councillors from the party.

Smears and Alliances

The councillors, in their quest to remove Coltart from office, have launched a smear campaign, accusing him of “heavy-handedness and dictatorship.” It is alleged that this group of CCC councillors is collaborating with Zanu PF to push for the mayor’s recall.

Additionally, they are said to be advancing the interests of a former MDC A MP for Bulawayo who acquired significant land and tenders during his time as a councillor, now seeking protection from scrutiny by the council.

Compilation of Allegations

A range of charges has been compiled against Mayor Coltart with the intention of having him removed. Among the accusations, he is said to have run the city with an executive mayor approach. Inside sources suggest that the councillors’ anger stems from their looting plans being thwarted by Coltart.

Assets Declaration and Fierce Opposition

In November, Mayor Coltart proposed that fellow councillors declare their assets to combat corruption, but the idea faced fierce resistance. The councillors refused to comply, claiming they were not consulted.

When contacted for comment, Zanu PF councillor Nokuthula Sibanda neither confirmed nor denied the plot to remove Coltart but expressed dissatisfaction with his lack of consultation.

Leadership Style and Consultation by Coltart

Coltart admitted discontent with his leadership, citing a busy schedule and travel as contributing factors. He refuted claims of not consulting councillors, clarifying that leave was approved prior to overseas trips in council meetings.

Furthermore, Coltart emphasized that the trips were privately funded invitations extended to him. Zim Morning Post


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