‘PROBE KAMBWILI’S MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE…People in the inner circle might have aided him – Paul Moonga


THE government should take keen interest in the matter involving the mysterious disappearance of Chishimba Kambwili because it is very suspicious and some individuals in the circles of the law enforcement agencies might be involved, Socialist Party member Paul Moonga has charged.

Last week, Mr. Kambwili who is opposition Patriotic Front (PF) member of the central committee and former Minister of Information escaped by crossing into Zimbabwe without completing exit formalities.

Mr Moonga told the Scoop that the manner in which sick Mr. Kambwili crossed the country was suspicious.

He said that the government needed to question both the people that were handling the evacuation process and the Immigration officers at the border where he crossed from.

Mr Moonga said that he had heard on social media that some individuals were calling for the heads of Mr Kambwili’s sureties and that this was wrong because the former was sentenced to jail meaning they were not liable.

He said Minister of Home Affairs Jack Mwiimbu needed to be very swift and interrogate some of his men and women in uniform over Mr. Kambwili’s disappearance because there were so many loose ends.

“This whole issue is a bit tricky and if I were the Minister of Home Affairs, I would question the officers that were handling Mr Kambwili because despite him being sick he was still in their custody,” Mr. Moonga said.

He said that the state had the obligation to ensure that Mr Kambwili was taken for treatment abroad and that, if possible, they were supposed to ensure that even some law enforcement agencies escorted him.

He also said it was unfortunate that some people were angered by the fact that Mr. Kambwili was allowed to undergo medical treatment because he qualified and was a Zambian.

Meanwhile Human Rights Commissioner Laura Miti said it was unfortunate that Mr. Kambwili ran away from what was a light jail sentence.

Ms. Miti explained that being sentenced to less than six months imprisonment, Mr. Kambwili’s political career was preserved.

“Well, apart from now complicating his legal issues, the man has run into a self-imposed jail, because exile is not a simple thing. Life abroad, when you can’t come home as and when is not something to joke with,” Ms Miti said.-The Scoop Newspaper


  1. Honestly, voters are more interested in cost of living than persecuting Hakainde’s rivals.

    People are hungry and desperate.

    What is wrong with these people?

    • Why don’t you guys just help these people that are hungry, there are people that are sick from various sicknesses in hospitals that need more urgent care and help than unknown hungry people whom you guys don’t even know where to find them. Because even the least in the society has got his on way of surviving regardless of the challenges.
      Mind you every human being has challenges that even those with riches don’t find it easy to maintain their own way of life.
      Pantu nempofu ilaya mukulomaba mu street.
      So just let the Government work like any previous government. When they fail to develop upto 2026, there is always an option to change.


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