There was drama over the weekend when a self-proclaimed prophet was embarrassed by his baby mama who gate-crashed his wedding to his pregnant fiance.

25-year-old Ezekiel Rufaro Chivasa of the Rehoboth International Ministries church whose father is also a prominent clergyman was getting married to his sweetheart, Tafadzwa Mukanganga who is reported to be pregnant.

News of the pending nuptials appears not to have gone down well with Chivasa’s baby mama Jacqueline Mbangami. The two have a child together who is now 2-years-old. According to Jacqueline, the man of the cloth has been neglecting the child and not sending any money for his welfare

Mbangami and her relatives gate-crashed the wedding ceremony just before the two lovers were about to say their wedding vows. The wedding ceremony was taking place at the home of Prophet Chivasa’s in-laws in Budiriro.

Presiding marriage officer, Bishop Jerdan Paradise, was forced to halt the proceedings as the Mbangami family laid out their grievances. During this time, the Bishop asked the DJ to entertain the wedding guests with music as he tried to resolve the issues.

In the end, the Bishop had a meeting with the Chivasa and the Mbangami families. The groom was forced to leave the wedding ceremony to attend to this impromptu emergency family meeting.

Members of the Chivasa family professed ignorance saying that they had no idea that Ezekiel had a two-year-old child. They insisted that they were just as shocked as everyone else to learn of the child.

Some members of the Chivasa family initially moved for the wedding to be stopped and held at a later date after the prophet had resolved his issues. However, this was vetoed due to the huge costs already incurred in hosting the wedding on Saturday.

In the end, the Chivasa family paid a fine of US$500 to the Mbangami family to be allowed to continue with the wedding ceremony. According to local publication, H-Metro, the Chivasa family also pledged to support the two-year-old baby going forwards and to meet some of the costs which the Mbangami family had incurred in the last two years.

After almost half an hour of negotiations, the wedding ceremony was resumed with the blessing of the Mbangami family.

Award-winning gospel musician Jonah Chivasa who is the prophet’s brother said that the family was deeply embarrassed by the events which transpired. He told H-Metro,

“We nearly cancelled the wedding date and his unresolved issues have left us with egg on face especially for my father who is a pastor and myself as a musician.

“The incident has affected our mother more considering that she has not been well for the past months.”

Speaking after the wedding ceremony, Jacqueline made it clear that she never intended to stop the wedding ceremony. She said that she only wanted to highlight that Prophet Ezekiel was delinquent in not taking care of his child.

“We did not come with the intention to stop the wedding but took the opportunity to seek attention because Ezekiel has not been supporting the child for the past two years.

“Ezekiel only facilitated the acquiring of the child’s birth certificate and that was that; kwavakutozonzwa kuti akaitisa Tafadzwa mimba saka mai vake varikuda muchato nekukasira.”

Prophet Ezekiel Chivasa and Tafadzwa did not speak on the issu


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