Prophet Foretells Dark Future for South African Musicians, Offers Solution For Escaping Doom


Popular Zimbabwean cleric Prophet Mellontik Orasi has offered to assist South African musicians in the wake of consecutive prominent deaths in the industry.

Rather than stand and watch the tragedy unfold, the Zimbabwean cleric who is based in South Africa is offering his expertise to help prevent further loss of lives.

In an impassioned plea to South African musicians, Prophet Mellontik Orasi urged them to move out of the darkness. He said that it is not a statement that prophets enjoy saying but that is the only way to prevent more untimely deaths in the South African music industry.

In addition to his appeal to South African musicians, Prophet Mellontik Orasi also delivered a damning prophecy.

Taking to his Facebook account on Sunday, Prophet Mellontik Orasi warned that another young male South African artist is in danger of losing his life. His message was however not all doom and gloom as he said there is a glimmer of hope for the unnamed musician.

He said the young male musician can still be saved if they give their life to God and seek his help. Prophet Mellontik Orasi wrote the following on his Facebook page:

South African artists how can we help you,
It’s now painful.
Please move out of darkness it seems like we enjoy saying this but it’s painful now.
Within 28 days another Male youthful artist, might rest if he doesn’t seek life through repentance.

At the beginning of March, Prophet Mellontik Orasi had warned of the death of another South African musician.

Meanwhile, South Africans are trying to make sense of the death of rapper Costa Titch who passed away on Saturday.

His death comes shortly after rapper AKA was shot and killed outside a Durban restaurant. The two musicians were not only friends but also collaborated on a joint album.


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