Prophet Nigel Gaisie advices Sierra Leone Army chiefs to tighten President Julius Bio’s security


The leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, is calling on the Army chiefs and security bosses of President Julius Bio to tighten and strengthen the security around him.

According to the prophet, he saw in a vision that President Julius Bio was about to make certain political decisions that would put the country in political disorder.

“The Lord lifted my spirit to the street of Sierra Leone, Freetown. The Lord said I should tell the security bosses of Sierra Leone to strengthen the security of the president His Excellency, Maada Bio. The Lord is telling me to caution you that there are certain steps that you are about to take and it’s going to flip the nation. It is going to put the nation in political disorder.”

He further urged President Julius Maada Bio to go back to God and reconsider some of the decisions he is about to make concerning the country.

In June 2023, Ernest Bai Koroma lost in a contentious election in which President Julius Maada Bio was re-elected for a second term.

Sierra Leone’s ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma has also been charged with four offenses including treason for his alleged role in a failed military attempt in November 2023.


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