Macdonald Chipenzi

By McDonald Chipenzi

It is a lie, cheat and deceit for anyone to purport that POA’s repeal is dependant on the passage of Bill 10.

POA is an operationalisation of Art 20 and 21 of the Constitution in the Bill of Rights which talks about the freedom of expression, assembly and association.

Bill 10 does not amend the Bill of Rights but other sections/parts of the Constitution.
To amend the Bill of Rights, the country must go to a referendum to alter/amend and or change the constitution for that particular.

Bill 10 does not touch on these two articles but other parts far from Bill 10. There is no relationship between Bill 10 and the repeal and replacement of the of PoA.

The relationship is very remote and does not existence at all. Therefore, associating PoA to Bill 10 is deceitful, insincerity, dishonest and fake.

The reason the government is delaying the repeal is limited political will and also to use it to hoodwink citizens in supporting the bogus Bill 10.
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