…says Zambians must be availed details of the Agreement as he CONDEMNS brutal attacks on the Opposition

Lusaka-Saturday,24th June 2023

Patriotic Front Vice President, Hon. Given Lubinda has condemned the continued attacks being made against the Opposition by the Hakainde Hichilema Government.

Speaking today when he opened the Central Committee Meeting being held in Lusaka, Hon. LUBINDA condemned recent heightened manouvres to deregister both the Patriotic Front and the Citizens First political parties.

He accused President Hichilema of silencing the Opposition and trying to create a defacto one-party state in Zambia by allowing state institutions and Law Enforcement Agencies to harrass the Opposition.

He also condemned the brutal attacks recently made by the Police on Amb. Emmanuel, Rizwani Patel and others.

He said the extent of Police brutality and abuse of human rights being witnessed in the country was unprecedented especially from a government that prides itself of pushing for rights and freedoms.

And Hon. Lubinda has called for members of the public to welcome the debt restructure with caution as the UPND had failed to show benefits of the savings made from non service of the debt.

He stated that since December, 2020, Zambia has not been servicing its foreign debt and Government has not shown how the huge resources saved, have been utilised.

He has therefore called on President Hichilema to cause the publication of the Debt Reschedule Agreement for Zambians to become aware of the details and conditions of the agreement.

The party is holding its scheduled Central Committee Meeting to discuss various issues including the preparations of the Extra-ordinary General Conference.


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