Morgan Ng’ona
C/O Miles Sampa

Dear Morgan,


I make reference to the above matter and the letter under your hand dated 4 March 2024, which has been drawn to my attention through social media, in which it is purported that you have purported to accept my resignation from the Patriotic Front (PF)

I must state on the outset that in writing the present letter to you, I do so not in any way as my recognition of your purported position as Secretary General of the PF. In my Official capacity as Member of Parliament for Bangweulu and in my personal capacity as a member of the PF I do not recognise you as our Party’s Secretary General. It is common knowledge that your purported occupation of the Office of Secretary General is an embodiment of the illegal and unconstitutional way in which you and other collaborators , whom I have copied this letter to, purportedly set yourselves up as a leadership of the PF.

In particular response to your purported letter above referenced, I write to state my position as stated below:

  1. Contribution to the Party

I write to advise you that the decision to make contributions to the Party was a decision I made voluntarily and was personal decision. If you take time to acquaint yourself with the PF Constitution, you will note that MPs are not mandated to contribute any portion of their earnings to the Party. I take the liberty to inform you that article 83 of the PF Constitution, which you have purported to cite as authority in your letter, does not address itself to financial contributions to the PF.

Further, you may wish to be informed that I am still making my voluntary contribution to the PF, and, this is in addition to meeting all the expenses for mobilization of the Party in Bangweulu Constitutency.

  1. Purported acceptance of my resignation

I have noted with concern that your letter purports to “accept” my resignation on account of my purported stoppage of contributions. In addition to repeating what I have tabulated above, I am compelled to inform you that your citing of article 72 (2)(e) of the Constitution is not only highly misplaced but it is a clear manifestation of very bad faith on your part and a wanton and malicious instigation of the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly to initiate steps of my removal from Office as MP in circumstance where such removal is not necessary and unwarranted.

Article 72(2) of the Republican Constitution is very clear in providing for instances in which a sitting MP can vacate Office. Non of what is contained in your purported letter meets the threshold set by the Constitution. For avoidance of any doubt I have NEVER authored any letter under my hand notifying the PF and the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly of my resignation from Office as Member of Parliament.

Your tendency to quote the Constitutional provisions out of context in your bid to continue purveying destructive activities against the Country’s sacred Constitutional Order is not only sickening but its a gross violation of the rights of people as enshrined in the Constitution.

I have also note that you have purported to inform the Speaker of the National Assembly of my purported “resignation” This has also caused me gross concern because lately the Office of the Speaker has embroiled itself unnecessarily in matters that concern the PF as a Party. The existing Constitutional Order dictates that the Office of the Speaker should never involve itself with matters concerning internal affairs of Political Parties.

Based on what I have said above I write to demand that you immediately retract your purported letter on the grounds that it is without basis and it is a gross violation of the rights of the people of Bangweulu to be represented by a person they freely and fairly elected into Office and also its a violation of the Constitution of the PF.

If you do not heed my demand within the next two (2) days I will refer this matter to my Lawyers and instruct them to take legal action to you in yours personal capacity.

By copy of this letter I am also placing the same demand on the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly and placing it on notice that my quest to seek legal remedies will also extend to the Office of the Speaker if they in any way attempt to act on your purported letter.

Yours faithfully

Honourable Anthony Kasandwe

cc The President – Patriotic Front
The National Chairperson – Patriotic Front
The Secretary General – Patriotic Front
The Speaker of the National Assembly
Messrs KMG Chisanga Advocates
Messrs Makebi Zulu & Co
Messrs Mulungushi Chambers
Honourable Miles Sampa
Honourable Robert Chabinga
Honourable Anthony Mumba


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