By MacDonald Chipenzi

I have heard and read many people vowing over their dead bodies or those of their dead relatives including calling on natural lightning to strike them if they don’t succeed to block UPND President HH from being on the Ballot during the August 12 General Election.

In this effort, they have gone into archives to get whatever incriminating evidence against HH that may stop him from standing and be on a presidential ballot.

The man, HH, they don’t want or they fear most politically and electorally and they develop mashabe when hearing his name, for reasons well known to them and their political sponsors.

In as much as Zambia has close to 40 active political parties with their leaders, only UPND and HH have been marked tightly politically and electorally ahead of this election.

Almost all opposition political leaders and their leaders have ganged against UPND and HH in clear aid to the ruling party to scandalise HH and UPND

My assurance to all those trying their best to block HH to be president or indeed appear on the presidential ballot during the August 12, General Election is that it is a mission impossible to achieve.

It is a political exercise in futility, sheer waste of time and resources as the political train hosting HH and UPND is already in motion and now towards its destination, August 12 General Election. They are very late with their mission for this election, may be, they can try in 2026.

At the stage things stand and the law dictates, HH can only be eliminated/disqualified from the presidential ballot through a court conviction on corruption and serving a custodial sentence going by the recent ruling of the Speaker and or death, God for bid.

When one looks at all those, which justice system in Zambia can convict and sentence HH in the next 14 days before nomination especially that once validly nominated,one is on the ballot until after elections?

He may be arrested but that arrest, whether house or custodial or suspended, does not disqualify him from being a candidate and on the presidential ballot for the August 12 General Election.

Therefore, I urge all politicians both opponents and proponents to allow democratic competition, stiffer competition for all in the pursuit of political leadership without trying to intimidate others using state machinery.

To HH and UPND, just calm down and pursue your dreams and that of the country without fear of death, intimidation or harrassment from your political opponents.

The moment you adopt fear, you have allowed them to shut your political and electoral dreams.

The scare- tactics being applied on you and your members are meant to eliminate stiff electoral and political competition ahead of the August 12 General Election and don’t fall prey to such.

Be assured that no law and no confinement now that can disqualify you from being on the presidential Ballot. You will definitely be on the presidential ballot.

Their mission is a mission impossible!

I submit.


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