We would like to urge our members countrywide to remain focused and work extra hard as the elections day draw nearer. We must not get distracted by enemies of progress who do not want to see this country move forward. This is the time to be in real love with Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

Just the like the devil, PF knows that they are remaining with few days to destruction. They have hired shameless money lovers to distract the country from focusing on important matters. When the country is busy looking for solutions to the high cost of living, the weakening of Kwacha, high unemployment levels and bad governance; the PF and its surrogates want the country to focus simple family matters like the case of the Hatembos. All UPND members must focus on selling the party manifesto and avoid being drawn into cheap by cheap and failed politicians.

Hakainde Hichilema will be the next President of Zambia whether haters love it or hate it. God does not need permission from anyone to bless his children. The jealous and hatred of King Saul did not stop David from becoming King. No amount of hatred will stop Hakainde Hichilema. No weapon formed against Hakainde Hichilema shall prosper.

Fellow citizens, our country is bleeding. Our country is dying and only you and I can save it by ushering in a new leadership with a clear vision of restoring our nation to the days of Glory. It is possible to redeem our nation and reduce poverty levels. It’s possible to make the Kwacha competitive against major currencies and reduce the cost of living. It’s possible to stop corruption and provide free education for our children. It’s possible to make Zambia a continent food basket, all we need is a serious and mature type of leadership. A leader that will not waste time on fighting it’s people but instead work with everyone. We should be ashamed as a nation to be reduced to discussing simple personal farm matters, this is how much the PF has embarrassed this nation. When other countries like Rwanda are putting up manufacturing plants for cars and other advanced equipments, Zambia is busy discuss a farm transaction which has no benefit to the country.

Get on the ground and campaign. Tell the the people that UPND will never waste time and resources fighting political enemies but will always endeavor to improve the lives of people regardless of political affiliation, tribe or Creed.

God bless and protect you and our country.

Romeo Kangombe
Deputy National Mobilisation chairman/sesheke MP


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