Putin continues to insist US missiles brought down Russian jet


Vladimir Putin seems to be strongly sticking to his claims that Western weapons caused the Russian IL-76 military plane to crash.

The leader of Russia said that Ukraine used a US missile system to shoot down a plane near Belgorod.

The expert study has proven that already. We want people from different countries to investigate this. He said no global groups want to do this.

Putin said Ukraine shot two missiles at the plane, causing it to explode in the sky.

Video shown on Russian TV shows people investigating the disaster that happened last week.

A few burnt pieces with English writing on them, believed to be from the US missile, were shown on the screen.

However, Putin went even further and said that Ukraine used a weapon from the US to attack the plane.

The Kremlin said that the crash killed all 74 people on the plane, including 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were going to be exchanged.

The Russian Defence Ministry said that Ukraine is to blame for the plane being shot down.

Ukraine hasn’t said if it shot down the plane or not. It wants proof of who was on the plane.

However, a Ukrainian military intelligence officer stated on Tuesday that Russia has not been willing to return the bodies.

Andriy Yusov, a spokesperson, said on the Suspilne broadcaster that Russia is saying our prisoners were there, but we can only trust what they say for now.

‘They are not ready to move the bodies from the other place right now. ’


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