Putin spends billions on war leaving Russians abandoned in -30°C


Vladimir Putin is using a lot of money for his war in Ukraine. This has caused people in Moscow to be very cold because they don’t have heating or hot water.

The temperature in the capital dropped to -30°C, and the old heating system is said to not be able to handle the cold weather.

This means that over 20,000 people were left freezing in their homes for several days because of the cold temperatures.

A husband and wife, along with their dog, died from breathing in carbon monoxide while trying to stay warm in the city of Kolomna, in the Moscow region.

A video on Telegram shows windows and doors covered in ice because of the cold weather. People were burning wood on the streets to stay warm.

At the same time, pipes broke in many buildings, making things even worse for people.

There are rumors about an incident at a big ammunition factory in Klimovsk. Some people think it’s related to the problems there.

Reports say that the boiler house at the local cartridge plant in Klimovsk is broken, and it is the only source of heat for the town.

Government officials learned about the problem from social media where many residents were complaining.

On January 5, people in the town protested on the main square because the temperature in their apartments dropped to -10°C.

Some signs saying ‘SOS – We are freezing – Punish the guilty’ were seen, but officials don’t know when heating will be fixed.

A video about a protest said: “They haven’t promised anything since yesterday. ” Grandmas are very cold in their house.

“Kids wearing coats are unwell and coughing. ” The hospitals and everywhere else feels very cold.

“We need to fix this problem. ” We still don’t know who is responsible, and all we hear are excuses.

Someone living here complained: “The police came fast to stop us. ” I hope they bring back the heat as quickly as they sent the police to break us up.

In Lytkarino, a town in Moscow region, a power station stopped working. People had to make fires outside in the cold to stay warm.


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