Putin threatens to start nuclear war with Europe if he doesn’t get his way


President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has issued a terrifying threat of nuclear war in the event that Ukraine attempts to retake Crimea and joins NATO.

Russia has gathered more than 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border and increased military drills, leading to a diplomatic impasse with the West.

The Kremlin says they are not planning to invade, and they blame Nato for expanding eastwards in Europe.

Western leaders like Boris Johnson have said that Ukraine can make its own alliances without Russia getting in the way.

New video shows the use of powerful new nuclear missiles called Kinzhal in Kaliningrad, a part of Russia next to Poland and Lithuania.

Putin said his meeting with the French president went well, but he also said that there could be a nuclear war if Ukraine joins Nato and tries to take back Crimea from Russia.

He said, “I want to emphasize it again. ” I’ve been telling you, but I really want you to listen to me and share it with your audience in newspapers, on TV, and on the internet.

‘So, you know if Ukraine joins Nato and tries to take back Crimea by force, then European countries will have to fight Russia. ‘

Putin said that Moscow has a very strong military, much stronger than Nato’s, but he also said that Russia is one of the top countries with nuclear weapons.

“There won’t be any winners, and you will be forced into this fight even if you don’t want to,” he said.

‘You won’t have time to blink when you use Article 5 to help NATO members. ‘

“President Macron and I don’t want this, that’s why he’s here, questioning me for six hours. ”

Putin said that for 30 years Russia has been trying to convince the West not to move Nato towards the east. He said that they didn’t care about what we wanted or needed.

Putin used the informal way of saying “you” to Macron, which shows that they have a good relationship.

At the same time, a new video shows one of two very fast MiG-31K aircraft in Russia’s farthest west area of Kaliningrad.

The fighter jet is said to be equipped with new very fast Kinzhal missiles that are launched from the air.

The Kinzhal is a big missile that is 24 feet long and weighs one ton. It can carry regular or nuclear bombs. It can travel 1,250 miles and attack Ukrainian soldiers and defenses without getting too close to the country.

It seems that the MiG-31Ks with big bombs were moved from Nizhny Novgorod to Chernyakhovsk air base in Kaliningrad.

It is thought that Russia has about 20 MiG-31K planes that can work with the Kinzhal missile.

In the Black Sea, a high-tech Russian Ivan Khurs intelligence ship was spotted just 20 nautical miles away from the Ukrainian naval port Odessa.

Russia said no to UN soldiers being put on the borders of rebel-held Donbas.

The leader of the Russian foreign ministry’s international organizations department, Pyotr Ilyichev, said: “No, we don’t need to do that. ” Peacekeepers cannot fix the problems in the conflict within Ukraine.

‘The Ukrainians have to have a conversation with the LPR and DPR’

Russia said that the upcoming visits by the UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace are not likely to make relations between the two countries better.

The Russian ambassador to London, Andrei Klein, said that he doesn’t think the current situation will improve the relationship between countries. He is saying this because of the statements made by Liz Truss and Ben Wallace.


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