Queen feeds orphan baby elephant during visit to Kenya

The Queen helped to feed the elephant calves on her visit in Nairobi National Park

Queen Camilla fed a baby elephant from a bottle when she went to visit a place in Kenya called an orphanage. This place is for baby elephants whose parents were killed by poachers.

On the second day of the queen’s visit to Kenya, she assisted in feeding the elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage.

She and King Charles learned about helping and healing baby elephants who don’t have any parents.

Elephants also have to worry about deforestation and drought, in addition to poaching.

If members of the royal family go to a lot of places where they can take pictures, there are not many places that could be as cute as an elephant orphanage.
If the first part of the state visit was about discussing the problems caused by colonialism, this second part was made lighter with a visit to Nairobi National Park.

A baby elephant held onto a bottle with its trunk while the Queen helped caretakers feed the orphaned elephants.

The King was chatting with the staff at the park while a young elephant was gently biting the trousers of one of the keepers.

The wildlife center cares for 316 baby elephants who have no parents and are in danger. This is because people are taking over their land and causing problems for them.

The park also has a place where a lot of illegally hunted elephant tusks were set on fire by the authorities. This was done to demonstrate the country’s dedication to ending the illegal trading of animal products.
The King showed his support for protecting the environment and making sure our resources last longer during his trip to Kenya.

He went to a United Nations office in Nairobi to learn about what they are doing to help the environment. Then, he planted a tree with a 10-year-old girl named Karen Kimani, who wrote to him about the importance of protecting the environment.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the King would give a speech at the upcoming COP28 climate change summit in Dubai.

Last year, there were hints of disagreements with the British Prime Minister’s office because the King couldn’t go to the previous meeting.

The King of an important kingdom visited Kenya. This was the first time he visited a country in the Commonwealth since he became king. During his visit, he gave a very important speech about the impact of colonialism.

He didn’t fully say sorry, but he expressed his deep sadness and regret for the violent acts done to Kenyans during their fight for independence.


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