Inonge Wina


Mama Inonge Wina wife to first Minister of Finance in 1964 Arthur Wina is the first woman to be Vice president of Zambia.

She was first appointed in 2015 when she served as PF National Chairperson and helped Edgar Lungu to secure the party presidency at the fierce battle to succeed President Michael Sata.

President Lungu after winning in that country’s by-election appointed her as Vice president of Zambia.

He then appointed her as running mate in 2016 election. She with him managed to win the election which then main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema disputed.

She decided to run for the Central Committee of PF portfolio but announced her retirement close to 2021 election which Edgar Lungu who run with Prof Nkandu Luo lost.

Mama Wina also served as Minister after she won the Nalolo seat in 2011 under PF. It is the only seat won in 2011 in Western province.

This is the seat she previous held under the UPND in 2001. She together with Sakwiba Sikota who had served as Anderson Mazoka Vice president left UPND in 2005 after he (Sikota) lost the contest to succeed Mazoka to Hakainde Hichilema.

They went to form a party called United Liberal Party which went into an electoral pact with PF. She with Given Lubinda then left Sikota’s ULP and became PF members.

Before joining politics, Mama Wina was a woman Rights Activist. She headed an NGO called NGOCC.

Some political Commentators are wondering why she has not made it to the list of women from Barotseland or Western province who were awarded as Women of Excellence during the 2022 Kuomboka traditional ceremony held over the weekend.

See those awarded on the photo who include among others for Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani, current speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Muti and former Minister, Ambassador Dr Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika.

11th April 2022 – Zambian Eye



  1. Its not automatic to receive the King’s recognition.This woman destroyed her good reputation and good deeds. She championed violence, hatred, tribal divisions, and corruption. She didn’t end there; she flaunted the disastrous Bill 10 aimed at entrenching the PF regime’s dictatorship.

  2. She woke a Judge while the witches were on duty to give Lungu fake presidency which has brought misery on Zambians including gassing, stealing, looting and plunder. So who can recognize that madness?

  3. It’s just hatred for Sata and PF. Lozis should appreciated that one of their own rose and occupied the second most highest position in the Republic of Zambia. May be it will take 100 years to have a woman Lozi to rise to such a high position. There are people who have been more “criminal” than Inonge Wina who have risen to high positions! How about Sikota Wina’s wife, Nakatindi Wina? Which criminality did she commit! God will punish you being segregative!

  4. She was as corrupt as lungu by association
    She did nothing when all the raping if Zambia was going on and she just sat ther like some old fart

  5. Mama inonge, know for sure that Jesus was not and is not even now recognised by his own. Jesus never bothered by such ingratitude. Jesus is now recognised by us gentiles that surpasses the Jewish community. So in the same vein, lozis may not recognised you because you focused more on Zambia and not barotseland. You proved that your allegiance was to Zambia. I am sure many zambians celebrate your contribution. If the act was to humiliate you know for sure they architects failed miserably. Please enjoy your retirement and stay blessed. Yes you associated with pf and there are challenges caused by pf. But those are not many compared to the good. My patriotic mama remain that daughter of the soil through and through.

  6. It was shows misdirection and unfairness, Mama Nakatindi was once arrested for drugs in the KK time, you can’t compare to Mama Inonge. This is dangerous sign, the friend of my enemy is my enemy is wrong. She is humble servant of Zambia she had the right to belong to any political party it was no betrayal to belong to PF.

  7. What value did Inonge add to the governance and development of Zambia? Nothing. She is an accomplice to all the evil PF unleashed on Zambia. She’s not worth any accolades at all.

  8. This woman was the PF witch. No one apart from among the 1.8 million will shed tears about her omission from the King’s awards. Listening to her in parliament confirmed how deeply embedded she was in the PF regime’s dictatorship. I’m sure the King and his Indunas refused to be hoodwinked by her pretentious motherly demeanour. I feel including her would’ve soiled the ceremony and the other honorees would’ve refused to share the podium with this manipulative and morally bankrupt person. If she craves recognition, let the PF do so. She’s as evil as every one of the PF criminal enterprise.


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