Rachel Chileshe challenges police to arrest her over Hatembos … calls Nalumango mad


Rachel challenges police to arrest her over Hatembos … calls Nalumango mad

In a heated phone conversation between Vice-President Mutale Nalumango and former President Hakainde Hichilema’s campaigner Rachel Chileshe, the two exchanged sharp words and ended up calling each other mad.

And Chileshe has reacted to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga’s threats that she should not complain if she is cited for contempt if she continues “ranting” over the Hatembo case, saying she is actually ready… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/rachel-challenges-police-to-arrest-her-over-hatembos-calls-nalumango-mad/


  1. If what she’s saying is right, her nephew can still get his job because employment offers are done by the organisation and the human resource officer she has mentioned would be fired.

  2. Madam Rachel, you are going to develop high bl00d pressure at the rate you are going.
    It’s not worth it getting bitter with selfish individuals.
    Better to strive to be self-reliant and do your own thing without expecting or asking for favors from anyone or Boma.
    Some battles are not worth fighting.
    Choose your battles well to avoid getting injured.
    There is better life and greater peace of mind outside politics!
    It is wishful thinking to expect politicians to be honest!
    Remember that Politics is the second oldest profession after Prostitution and the two oldest professions are similar in many respects!

  3. If what Ms. Chileshe says happened to her nephew at Zesco, Ndola is true, then it is very, very sad. If PF tribalism was bad, UPND tribalism is equally bad and will spell the downfall of UPND.

    I hate tribalism and tribalist with a passion and they must not be allowed anywhere near state power.

    As for the PF MPs who where suspended, mama Chileshe should realise that their conduct was despicable, uncouth and beneath the office of an honourable member of parliament. PF MPs need to realise that they must conduct themselves in a mature and dignified manner.

    Ms. Chileshe, the fact that those rural MPs represent women does not give them the licence to behave like hooligans in parliament. It should actually cause them to be sober minded in the way they do business in parliament.

    • You do not solve tribalism by hating tribalists; you do so by educating tribalists so that they realise why we should live and work together in harmony. In other words, you set out to change them. I have heard of reverse stories in Zesco about what was happening to Tongas and other tribes when the PF was in government. They’re both reprehensible.


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