Rainford Kalaba Must Work Hard Rather Than Complaining

Rainford Kalaba


We have viewed the podcast in which former Chipolopolo player Rainford Kalaba is complaining of officials at the Football Association of Zambia blocking him from the national team.

What we can say to Kalaba is that instead of complaining, let him show it in the pitch then he will be called to the national team. Even at TP Mazembe, he is a regular bench warmer. So why should he be complaining when he has been performing poorly even at club level.

He should take a leaf from his friend Stophilla Sunzu, who despite cathing up with age, is still doing great things in the pitch. He has even been called. However, Kalaba should not think that winning the 2012 AFCON makes it automatic for him to earn a place in the national team. The national team can’t be personalised. It is for everyone. Kalaba had his time and enjoyed every call up to the team but he is no longer needed. Maybe he should try coaching.

Additionally, players like Kalaba should not accept to be used by people who are fighting their personal battles so that they can enter Football House. If he can remain neutral and respectful to the current FAZ executive, then he will be respected. However, FAZ cannot accept the national team to be infiltrated by planted moles.

Moreover, these 2012 guys must stop thinking that they are everything to Zambian football. Of course, you won the AFCON and you got paid for it plus other amazing benefits. It wasn’t a freebie. So in what ways do you want to be honoured. We write about you and celebrate you but all you want is to use to be used to fight the current administration. If you want to be celebrated stop involving yourself in personal battles. Be like Chintu Kampamba, Isaac Chanda, Clifford Mulenga, Collins Mbesuma and Kennedy Mweene who are neutral and working well with FAZ.- Bola Tabloid Magazine


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