Rapper Ice-T shuts down conspiracy theorists who claimed Jamie Foxx was replaced by a clone following


Rap legend, Ice-T has slammed ‘weirdos’ on social media who believe conspiracy theories claiming that Jamie Foxx was replaced by a clone in the wake of his recovery from a serious illness.

The 65-year-old rap legend–turned–actor spoke up on Twitter on Sunday and came to the defense of the 55-year-old Oscar winner.

Jamie filmed a video late last week in which he spoke directly to the camera about his recovery and said he was looking forward to getting back to his regular routine.

But almost immediately, conspiracy theorists began posting on social media about the clip, with many claiming that he had been replaced by a double, or ‘cloned,’ because he looked different and the shape of his face appeared unusual to some.

Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow found the comments ridiculous.

‘People would rather believe that Jamie is now a Clone or Ai, than the man was just seriously sick and damn near died… Cause he doesn’t look EXACTLY the same???’ he tweeted.

‘YOU look different after a bad cold! Smh weirdos..’ he added dismissively.

Several people jumped into the Law & Order: SVU star’s mentions to signal their agreement, with one person saying he was ‘still in the healing process.’


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