Rapper Kabamba dumps Wife,goes for a singer
He who finds a wife, finds a good thing, Please set your wife free from marital bondage, Zambian rapper Kabamba has abandoned his wife after long-term relationship and having three (3) with her.

Informationon our desk is that the rapper has been spotted with one of Zambia’s top female artist who is believed to be his new girlfriend.

The rapper confirmed the news to OCENT NATION podcast, released on Saturday, sharing that he and his wife are getting a divorce after years of marriage.

“It’s slowly but surely becoming public knowledge that myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce,” Kabamba began, referencing recent rumors of a split. “It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of a us realizing — long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her. I’m not that person. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that and I will always respect her.


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