REALITY DAWNS ON MILES SAMPA…only 11 people comprised the so-called Central Commitee Meeting with heavy police presence at great cost



…only 11 people comprised the so-called Central Commitee Meeting with heavy police presence at great cost…

Zambia Whistleblower wrote:

The Patriotic Front Miles Sampa’s faction had its so-called Central Committee Meeting yesterday at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka with heavy State Police on standby.

One major positive outcome of the Miles Sampa faction Central Committee Meeting is that finally reality has dawned on Miles Sampa and his financiers. Sampa has no following at all.

He has no notable person among the members of the Central Committee that can help him drive his agenda and that of his sponsors.

The 11 people that he mobilised yet at great cost to converge at the Radisson Blu are all nonentities.

We doubt if a quorum was even achieved according to the Patriotic Front Constitution. We are told the PF has 80 members of the Central Committee.

Even Sampa’s own Social media postings show several empty spaces in the room. For the doubting Thomases, it is now extremely clear that Mr. Sampa’s project is a failed project.

Those sponsoring him should instead donate all the financial resources towards the fight against Cholera. Miles Sampa is going nowhere with his project. That Central Committee was Madimbi.

Anyway we can not blame the participants. With this biting economy, we are sure the few who attended wanted some allowances to help make ends meet.

Simply put, Miles Sampa’s Central Committee Meeting was a flop and his sponsors must be very annoyed with him. Money down the drain.

Meanwhile, Police in Eastern Province have arrested the suspects in the matter in which two of Mr. Sampa’s henchmen are alleged to have been victimised and assaulted. The Zambian Whistleblower would like to ask the Zambia Police Service some few questions.

Why is it so difficult for Police in Zambia to charge people with the correct charge that can stand in court?

We have observed that it is very common for the Zambia Police to charge suspects with charges that are exaggerated and later fail to stand in court.

This is a clear example that the Police at times are used to fix political opponents. For example the case of Obvious Mwaliteta and others who had gone to protect their party votes. Though they may have taken the law in their hands, we do not think they should have been charged with aggravated robbery.

That is what we are sensing in the Petauke case. The Police should learn to charge suspects appropriately and not use their powers to fix people on behalf of politicians.

What is the purpose of charging people with charges that are non bailable, keep them in Remand prison for a long time before trial and later they are acquitted?

That is not justice. It is abuse of the Police powers. We urge the Police to always strive to charge people appropriately. The Police themselves are also potential law breakers. Do unto others as you would have them do unto You.


  1. What does it amount to when unknown people pull you out of a bus, bundle you in their car, drive you to an unknown place, beat you up and take your valuables? Is that not aggravated robbery?

  2. The only thing we are not sure of is the time you took this picture. It can be in a stadium or anywhere, if you take the picture when people just start arriving, empty spaces can be there because the people are trooping in and the room is just getting filled. Then you said that, you doubt if the quorum was even made, does it mean that you didn’t stay around until the end of the meeting? Maybe the quorum was made and those spaces you are showing us were filled. Did someone take this picture for you or you just got it from a friend? This kind of reporting has made your report questionable, a picture at the close of the meeting could have been better that the one taken when people started arriving. Besides that, from the tone of your language, one can easily know that you are one of the anti Sampa people. Ati those sponsoring Sampa should use their resources on Cholera fight. Whom are you telling because we don’t those people ourselves, if you know them yourself, tell them because telling them is as easy as you have written your unfounded story. The Police Service give their services wherever they are required. Banks, Airports, Political Rallies, Churches, Wedding Parties etc all use Police services if they are not sure of their security but that does not mean that these institutions belong to UPND. Does UPND own any Bank for example? Even you, if you will have such a meeting one day and ask the Police to come and give vigil on you, they will come, the Police are for all Zambians, we are their employers and we are the people paying them and not UPND. One day, UPND will go but the Police Service will remain. Security can be given to Sampa as a Zambian citizen just as it can be given to any other Zambian citizen, so to claim that UPND is sponsoring Sampa because it provided him security is totally missing the point.

  3. He may have asked for protection from the PF thugs in Lungu’s camp; those have no regard for the Law. To claim that those who attended his meeting are “ none ties” is to be little the electrolytes that voted those MPs into parliament. The commentator is not even an elected MP. Please Miles may not be the best to stand against HH in 2026 but he has fought PF undemocratic tendencies using their own set precedents. Someone had to put a stop to that lawlessness in their party. Who better to do this than one who suffered at their own hands?


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