By Mark Simuuwe

Former Zambia’s Republican President Edgar Lungu says leaders must not tell lies after which he made a contribution of K10,000 at RCZ in Chipata .

ECL is currently trending as the noisiest former president in the world .

A day ago in Chipata , ECL made reference to the current leadership in Zambia .


1. ECL is right by saying leaders must not tell the truth as he did when he lied that HH committed treason in Mongu and maliciously incarcerated him for 127 days and arrested him 15times for no reason ;

2. ECL should have taken this opportunity to repent for causing so much ethnic hegemony after firing or retiring in national interest some over 3000 civil servants that came from other regions ;

3. He should repent for assuming together with his then Vice President
that UPND were the ones who set City Market on fire during his tenure , had them arrested for no reason yet he knew exactly who did that ;God hates those who tell lies ;

4. ECL should have told the truth who the real gassers at his time were and why some of the PF members and officials were arrested for the same and later released in Chingola ;let ECL tell us who Kongolo (Witchdoctor) was in his entourage, as cited by President Fresher Siwale on Prime TV ;

5. ECL should tell the truth on why he had over 3000 ghost workers on government payroll and where the money the ghost workers were paid went ;God does not like thieves !

6. ECL must tell the truth on why some of his associates have forefeited properties to the state; God does not like thieves !

7. ECL must tell us the real price of the fire trucks during the controversial fire tenders ;God does not like thieves !

8. ECL must must tell us the real price of Ambulances that cost over $ 288,000 beyond the market price at his time ;God does not like thieves !

9. ECL must tell the truth on what happened to the Mukula logs that were seized and the real price they were sold at since the price indicated in China was different from what government in Zambia declared ; God does not like liars ;

10. Let ECL also repent for the bloodshed he caused under his leadership which saw Nsama Nsama , Joseph Kaunda , Mapenzi Chibulo , among others to die ;God does not like murderers ;

11. ECL does not know why he was voted out even after he established Christians for Lungu; God does not like those who abuse His name for selfish personal things ;

12. ECL must repent from his barbaric bloody leadership that saw what looked like state sponsored terrorism in which citizens who wore opposition regalia were met with machetes , guns and insults .


ECL must appreciate the peace he is enjoying such that he is even able to go round churches to worship . At his time politicians were attacked and tear-gassed even during church gatherings at times . Many citizens may recall the tear-gassing of Dr Nevers Mumba in a church in Eastern Province.

Today , ECL is in all the churches deceiving congregants thinking they do not know him well . ECL should heal from the loss and must learn to let go and accept that he lost elections. It was time for citizens to reject him and he must understand that it is his poor and bad leadership which made citizens get rid of him .

Today , he can’t still see that only those who deceived him that he was going to win in 2021 are still deceiving him .

His bitterness and pain for the loss is not good for his health. High BP is real , the earlier he lets go the better even for his health .

Let him also admonish those extorting his money that it is time for him to retire and let go ; he must allow himself to remain a statesman and rest .

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  1. It is you Simuuwe who is bitter to see the former head of state being hosted by the Church. It looks like your living off the UPND is threatened when ECL is welcomed anywhere and asked to speak. ECL has the right to be the noisest former head of state, if he wants. After all it is his freedom of speech he is exercising just as you are also doing so. But you have no moral right to call him to repentance. How do you know he has not repented? Does he have to announce this to you or the whole world. ECL is not in your league iwe ja cadre. Find something meaningful to do instead of sniffing around for where ECL is and what he is saying. ECL si mwana wa nyoko iwe ka mammals.

    • There is no morality in what ECL is doing neither has he repented, buying people and dishing out money is his speciality hence his invites from compromised clergy

  2. Actually, UPND youth chairman Gilbert Liswaniso is a better politician than you. Despite, his little education he understands the importance of freedom of expression. I wish we had more Liswanisos than Simuuwes in our politics.

  3. It’s quite clear Brian is incapable of analytical thought. For example he thinks HH was acquitted of the treason charges and therefore innocent!
    Brian you are still a young man,find something else to do.
    You are letting the UPND team down!!!

  4. The so called churches have really cheapened themselves in the eyes of politicians because they are always begging for money and material things. In Proverbs 22:1, the Bible says, “a good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than gold or free silver”. We know that the money Mr. Lungu is freely dishing out to these churches was not honestly earned, but the churches he is visiting don’t seem to mind.

    Math. 27:6 The chief priests picked up the coins and said, “it is against the law to put this into the treasury since it is blood money” . The church leaders refused to accept Judas Iscariot’s money after he betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Our churches accept corruption money without so much as blinking an eye.

    • How do you know the money ECL has was not honestly earned? As President, there are so many people who you come to know. By virtue of your office, some of these are able to give material gifts to you. As long as there is no law regulating how much of the material gifts given to him or her a President can keep or pass on to the state, even HH himself is keeping material gifts given to him for himself and family. Therefore, you cannot say whatever money ECL has is ill-gotten. Mind you, ECL worked before for Barclays Bank as legal counsel. He also served as Chawama MP and Home affairs Minister, among other pirtfolios, before he became President for a period of seven years. So, for all those years of work, are you saying ECL never made and invested his money that he can fall back on? Let us be honest with ourselves when talking about whatever money and properties ECL has.

      • What do say about the $24 million surrendered to the state by his acquaintance? Is that clean money? How much of that type of money is in the hands of defunct TuPF criminals?
        Just shut up if you have nothing to say and defend

      • Ba Muna, in the 2015 Presidential bye election after the demise of Mr. Sata, Mr. Lungu declared assets worth USD2.3million. 18 months later when we had general elections in 2016, he declared his assets at USD25million. How did he manage to grow his wealth by more than 10 times in 18 months?

        Of course when it came to the 2021 general elections, he made sure that the public disclosure of presidential candidate’s assets and liabilities was no longer a legal requirement because it had proved awkward for him. His current worth is USD89million by some estimates. Again it begs the question, how did he accrue such wealth?

        You mention gifts to the President. Well, it is no rocket science to figure out that criminal organization are in the business of corrupting political leaders and they donot give that money with noble intentions.

        A president compromised by corruption can never be effective. Have you ever wondered why there was so much lawlessness under PF?

  5. Country Men and women, do not use the house of God for political Gain, its a sin. He is a jealous God who separate evil from righteousness. Don’t call the name of the lord your God in vein.

  6. Were you living in ZAMBIA when Lungu was doing all sorts of nonsense to the country and the economy? When it was parte after parte after parte after bbwiii, were you in ZAMBIA? Or when LUNGU’S police went to defacate in HH’s house were you in ZAMBIA or you were part of the stupid mob that was Lungu’s militia? Uli chikwaba chinyonka mamina.


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