Reason behind Michelle Obama’s initial lack of of interest in Barack

Barack Obama Michelle Obama

The couple crossed paths in 1989 and tied the knot a mere three years later, indicating that despite their initial meeting not being particularly enchanting, Barack must have done something right.

Their first encounter occurred shortly after their graduation from Harvard, both finding themselves at the same law firm—Michelle embarking on her career and Barack serving as a summer associate.

While Barack wasted no time in extending an invitation for a date, Michelle initially declined, deeming it somewhat tacky.

At that juncture, there was considerable buzz surrounding Barack, though Michelle remained skeptical of the hype.

Following their eventual date and Barack’s introduction to her family, Michelle’s initial skepticism found an echo in her brother Craig.

There was a prevailing assumption that Barack wouldn’t stick around for the long haul, swiftly departing from Michelle’s life.

However, as history reveals, this assumption couldn’t have been more wrong. Barack had been captivated by Michelle from their very first meeting, and even today, their enduring love is evident in the way he gazes at her.


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